Anglo-American Conference of Historians 2009: Cities

Institute of Historical Research, 2 - 3 July 2009

Programme abstracts


Plenary Lecture: Inclusiveness and exclusion: trust networks at the origins of European cities
Wim Blockmans

African cities
Chair: tbc

Capitals of capital in crisis
Chair: Richard Roberts  (Centre for Contemporary British History, IHR)

Cities and modernity
Chair: Helen Meller (Nottingham)

Cities, space and urban development in Britain and North America
Chair: David Gilbert (Royal Holloway University of London)

City development and urban change in the Roman Empire: the explanation of regional variation
Chair: Louise Revell (University of Southampton)

City places, symbolism and politics
Alastair Owens (QMUL)

Cosmopolitan cities
Chair: Katrina Gulliver (Centre for Metropolitan History, IHR)

Culture, creativity and entertainment in cities since 1900
Chair: Pat Thane (IHR)

History, archives and the public in medieval and early modern cities
Chair: Caroline Barron (RHUL)

Imagining the city I
Chair: Vivian Bickford-Smith (Centre for Metropolitan History, IHR/University of Cape Town)

Imagining the city II
Chair: Helen Jones (Goldsmiths’ College, London)

London lives: individuals, institutions and social life, 1500–1800
Chair: Matthew Davies (Centre for Metropolitan History, IHR)

Material cultures of urban poverty and daily life
Chair: Sarah Rees Jones (University of York)

Mentalities and urban culture in nineteenth-century London
Chair: James Moore (Centre for Metropolitan History, IHR)

New research on Chinese cities
Chair: Andrew Wareham (Roehampton)

Shaping British colonial cities in an Atlantic World
Chair: Simon Middleton (University of Sheffield)

Soviet cities and urban life in the Era of Reconstruction 1943-1953
Chair: Professor Andreas Schonle (Queen Mary, University of London)

Surviving the others. Formalisation of social ties, social integration and peace in the urban environment
Chair: Guido Alfani (Bocconi University, Milan)

The city: idea and reality in England
Chair: Alan Thacker (Centre for Local History, IHR)

The immigrant and the British city since 1850
Chair: Panikos Panayi (De Montfort University)

The political development of the Italian City-State from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
Chair: tbc

Urban communications
Chair: Lynda Nead (Birkbeck)

Utopia and ruin: news from the metropolis
Chair: Richard Dennis (University College London)

Visualising cities
Chair: Rosemary Sweet (Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester)

Women and the city: new perspectives on women’s experience in early modern cities
Chair: Cynthia Herrup (University of Southern California)

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