Adam Crymble

Project Manager, British History Online

+44 (0)20 7862 8792


Adam’s PhD at King’s College London looked at responses to Irish immigration in early nineteenth century London. He is particularly interested in how the digital format of large online collections can allow us to answer different types of questions about the past. Adam is keen to advance both  data mining and data visualisation techniques in historical research, and also to open up access to historical materials around the world. You can learn more about his research in a 2-minute animated video by PhD Comics (

Research and publications


  • Adam Crymble. How to Write a Zotero Translator: A Practical Beginners Guide for Humanists. (NiCHE, London, Canada: 2009).


  • Adam Crymble & Julia Flanders. ‘Faircite: Towards a Fairer Practice of Citation in the Humanities’, Digital Humanities Quarterly. Vol. 7, No. 2 (December 2013).
  • Adam Crymble. ‘An Analysis of Twitter and Facebook use by the Archival Community’ Archivaria. Vol. 70 (Autumn 2010): 125-151.


  • Adam Crymble. “Citer les humanités numérique: l’Old Bailey Online est-il un film ou un article scientifique?”, in Pierre Mounier (dir.), Read/Write Book 2, Marseille, OpenEdition Press (Collection “Read/Write Book”), 2012. p. 105-109.
  • Adam Crymble. The Programming Historian 2. (December 2012). “Downloading Multiple Records with Python using Query Strings”

Research interests

  • 18th & 19th century British history
  • Digital humanities
  • History of immigration and integration

Networks and collaborations

  • Fellow 2013, Software Sustainability Institute

Events organised

  • Adam Crymble, Jane Winters, Tim Hitchcock, ‘Digital Sustainability: Ensuring Today’s Digital History SurvivesInstitute of Historical Research. 28 November, 2013.
  • Adam Crymble, Sean Kheraj, ‘Reaching a Wide Audience’ University of British Columbia. 26 March 2011.

Other positions held

  • Editor, Programming Historian 2