David Parrish (Glasgow) Jacobite Studies Trust Fellow

Jacobitism and the Atlantic world in the age of Anne


David Parrish recently completed a PhD at the University of Glasgow.  His research interests lie primarily in the tripartite relationship between the ‘rage of party’, religious controversies, and the public sphere in the 18th century British Atlantic world.  His thesis uses Jacobitism as the primary subject focus in order to examine these three themes within a broad geographical framework.

His next research project, to be undertaken during the fellowship period, builds on these themes, examining the ‘theologico-medico-politico’ debates surrounding the introduction of smallpox inoculation, c. 1721-1729.  This research situates the debates within the context of a highly politicised press dominated by an unrelenting ‘rage of party’ and continuing fears of the Jacobite threat.  This is intended to be part of a larger project looking at Jacobitism and anti-Jacobitism in Britain’s Atlantic public sphere from c. 1715-1727.