Higher and Research Degrees Committee

Terms of reference

The HRDC has responsibility:

  1. to consider and make recommendations to APSC on proposals for new programmes of study, proposals for credit for courses undertaken at another institution during the period of registration for a Master’s programme in the School, and other significant changes to existing programmes of study; consideration of proposed new programmes shall include prior consultation outside the School (including, where appropriate, outside the University), unless this is impractical or inappropriate in the circumstances; (new programmes and significant changes in programmes of study are subject to approval by the Directorate);
  2. to approve new courses contributing to programmes of study or changes to existing programmes not requiring the approval of the Directorate under the terms of the preceding sub-paragraph;
  3. where flexibility is allowed in a programme of study, including provision for credit for study and assessment undertaken at another institution, to determine and monitor the arrangements;
  4. to monitor on a regular basis: the effectiveness of programmes of study and of courses, formal procedures such as student questionnaires; meetings between teachers, students and other staff, and reports from such meetings to the HRDC; the allocation of students to tutors or advisers; regular reports on student progress to teachers’ meetings; evaluation of the availability for consultation, of teachers, course co-ordinators and course directors;
  5. to formulate and keep under review information, guidelines and procedures for programme(s) of study provided to applicants and Students, including methods for review and suspension of such guidelines and procedures.

The HRDC is also responsible for:

  1. implementation of the University’s and the School’s regulations in regard to monitoring and quality assurance of programmes for the degrees of MPhil and PhD organised by the Institute;
  2. keeping under review the list of areas of research available in the Institute for the degrees of MPhil and PhD;
  3. admission of Students in accordance with the procedures determined by the School;
  4. implementation of the School’s code of practice in regard to the responsibilities of Students and supervisors, administrative procedures, and grievance and complaints procedures;
  5. monitoring student progress;
  6. approval of transfer from MPhil to PhD or from PhD to MPhil;
  7. arrangements for supervision, and monitoring and review of such arrangements.


Professor Lawrence Goldman

Director (Chair)

Dr Matthew Davies

Director, Centre for Metropolitan History

Dr Simon Trafford

Training Officer
Elizabeth WilliamsonExecutive Editor, Victoria County History

Student representatives


Amy Oliver

Masters Students Representative
Victoria Davis

Research Students Representative



Dr Sarah Howard

Lecturer in Modern European History, Birkbeck, University of London
Prof Jonathan PhillipsRoyal Holloway, University of London



Alex Bussey

Institute Manager