Staff Student Liaison Committee

The student representatives committee is an important resource for all IHR students. It provides a vehicle for discussion with staff on issues affecting the student community including  facilities, teaching, assessment and resources.

Terms of reference

  1. The purpose of the Committee is to provide an opportunity for both students and staff to discuss matters of common concern which relate to postgraduate education at the Institute such as individual programmes of study, methods of assessment, teaching, facilities etc.; 
  2. The Committee, although not an executive committee with powers to establish policies and procedures, is nevertheless an important advisory and consultative body whose views will feed into the Higher and Research Degrees Committee, and thus influence the way in which programmes of study are taught at the Institute.

Membership (for 2012/13)

Professor Miles Taylor


Dr Matthew Davies 

Course Director (MA)

Ms Elaine Walters

Secretary HRDC

Ms Amy Oliver

Masters Students Representative

Ms Victoria Davis

Research Students Representative

Meeting minutes