Simon Baker

Editor, Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH)

+44 (0)20 7862 8782

Simon joined the IHR in 2004 as assistant project editor for the RHS Bibliography of British and Irish History and is currently one of the editors of the successor to the Bibliography, the Bibliography of British and Irish History. Previously he worked in the photographic library at the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England; and at the British Film Institute, where he worked in the National Archive (film and television) and the National Library. While at the BFI he was involved in the first moves towards computerisation of data and digitisation projects, as well as subsequent migration and merging of data into other databases and the development of online resources.

Research and publications

Simon still retains an interest in film and television history and organised, at the National Film Theatre, programmes on silent British crime and adventures series and “Towards a new Britain”  highlighting post-World War II British social drama.  He is currently involved with the IHR conference, "Going to War, 1939-45: Film and History in Wartime Britain".

Simon’s interests include subject indexing schemes and taxonomies; the migration of legacy data, verifying the integrity of such data and authority file controls; user interfaces for online resources; and interoperability with other online resources.

  • A for Andromeda to Zoo time: the TV holdings of the National Film and Television Archive, 1936-1979 (ed. with Olwen Terris) (London, 1994)

Networks and collaborations

BBIH is a partner in the consortium of European Historical Bibliographies