Wendy Sepponen (University of Michigan) Mellon Dissertation Fellow

Milanese bronze & Spanish stone: sculptural Interchange and the Leoni Workshops (1549–1608)

Wendy Sepponen is a fourth year PhD candidate in the History of Art department at the University of Michigan. She refined her interest in materiality and Italian art history during her MA at the University of Toronto. At the same time she worked at the Bata Shoe Museum (Toronto, ON) on an exhibition on early modern chopines and the emergence of the high heel in Europe, which stoked her curiosity in Italian-Spanish relationships. Once at the University of Michigan and distanced from the lure of aged footwear, Wendy returned her focus to the circulation of sculpture as a way to assess and explore sixteenth-century cultural interchange. Her dissertation examines the sculptural production practices of Leone and Pompeo Leoni and the circulation of their works between their workshops in Milan and Madrid, respectively, in relation to larger questions of imperial cultural identities and changes in local material cultures, artistic industries and markets.