IHR wireless network

The wireless network is available throughout public areas of the IHR, including the library.

You will need a valid IHR membership card or SAS staff/student card to log on.

You will also need to configure your laptop as described in the instructions below. The configuration will vary slightly for different operating systems, but you should be able to use the following settings as a guide. Once set up, the settings will be retained next time you want to connect.

Please note that the network is used at your own risk, and you should ensure that your equipment has adequate virus protection software.

Connecting to the wireless network

Quick-reference guide

Network Settings

Network name:uol-open
Network authentication/security type:WPA2
Data encryption/encryption type:AES
EAP type:Protected EAP (PEAP)
It’s safe to accept/ignore any warning messages about trusting security certificates on our wifi network. All data transmission is encrypted.

Configuration instructions

Login information

When setup has been configured, you should enter your username and password as follows:

User name:the barcode number from your IHR membership card or SAS staff/student card (without spaces; if there is an X, enter in upper case)
Password:your surname (in lower case and including any spaces or hyphens)
Logon Domain:leave blank

Further help

Please ask at the library office or reception in the first instance. Alternatively please email ihr.library@sas.ac.uk with full details of your problem, including operating system and your barcode number. There may be times when assistance cannot be offered immediately.