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CIPM 20 - Corrigenda

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CORRIGENDA CIPM XIII p.412 under Warsop, co. Nottingham for See Worksop read manor and park, 199 (pp.170, 171) p.420 under Worksop delete Warsop and manor and park … 171) CIPM XVI p.522 under Horsley, Long after Stanton and add Whitwam p.531 delete Lambley … p.591 under Warsopp for See Worksop read manor, 33 p.595 under Whitwam for Lambley read Long Horsley p.599 delete Worksop, Warsopp … 33 CIPM XVII p.524 for Amptill read Ampthill p.530 for Bardolf … Robert read BARDOLF… ROBERT for 451–2 read 451–2 in bold face p.543 under Bowness for Anthom read Anthorn p.572 under Creppyng delete Hall p.578 under Docking after Norf add 702 p.581 for 488 read 458 p.643 under Mohun add John, of Dunster, 3 p.671 under Rowdon for Worksop read Warsop p.685 under STAFFORD, William, last line for 1261, 1281–2 read 1259–82 p.688 after Stoke add Stoke Gummary see Stogumber p.708 for Warsop, Warsopp see Worksop read Warsop (Warsopp), Notts, advowson of, 408 manor, 408, 514 rector of see Rowdon, William de p.720 under Worksop delete Warsop, Warsopp; advowson of, 408; manor …; rectory of … CIPM XVIII p.xi line 17 for C 160 read C 260 p.22 line 13 for 4 July read 11 July p.206 11 lines from bottom for p.300 read p.530 p.439 delete ‘Coldehampton’ … 1094 p.457 after Hampton Poyle read Hampton Wafer (Coldehampton), Heref, 1094 CIPM XIX p.x for Chanc. Misc. (C 47) 67/10 no. 4 read Chanc. Files, Recorda (C 260) 115 no. 25 p.xii for Chanc. Misc. (C 47) 147/8 read Chanc. Files, Recorda (C260) 148 no. 10 p.xiii for for Chanc. Misc. (C 47) 68/12 (369) read Chanc. Files, Recorda (C 260) 121 no. 30 p.xvi for Chanc. Misc. (C 47) 58/301 read Chanc. Files, Recorda (C 260) 119 no. 13 p.295 add at top of page: ELIZABETH WIFE OF ROBERT FERRERS, KNIGHT
Writ 24 June 1411
STAFFORD. Inquisition. Eccleshall 19 Aug
She held the manor of Tyrley in her demesne as of fee of the king in chief by knight service, annual value £40 payable by equal parts at Whitsun and Martinmas.