The Ecclesiastical History Society (EHS) was founded in 1961 and aims to foster interest in, and to advance the study of, all areas of the history of the Christian Churches.

EHS Theme for 2015-16: Translating Christianity

28-30 July 2015, Humanities Research Centre, University of York

16 January 2016, Dr Williams's Library, London (tbc)


Translating Christianity:

Word, Image, Sound & Object in the Circulation of the Sacred from the Birth of Christ until the present day

'Translation is always a shift not between two languages but between two cultures’ Umberto Eco

W. G. Neely Prize for postgraduate students working on the Church of Ireland

W. G. Neely Prize

The Church of Ireland Historical Society (COIHS) has hosted two annual conferences at Armagh and Dublin for over twenty years.

The aim is to provide an internationally recognised forum for promoting sound academic standards in the study of Irish church history as well as encouraging further research in this discipline.

Christianity and Religious Plurality: SCH51

The next volume in the series, Christianity and Religious Plurality, will be published by Boydell in late Spring 2015. EHS members will receive an order form in the spring mailing.

Published in April 2014: SCH50, Religion and the Household

The latest volume of Studies in Church HistoryReligion and the Household, is now available.

Special offer for EHS members from the Canterbury and York Society

Supplications from England and Wales in the Registers of the Apostolic Penitentiary, 1410-1503, ed. Peter D. Clarke and Patrick N. R. Zutshi, 3 volumes, Canterbury and York Society Series, volumes 103-105 (2013-15).

Information for Contributors to Studies in Church History

You will find the information, and the forms, which you need if you are a contributor to, or peer reviewer for, Studies in Church History, on the Publications page.



We welcome applications for membership from:

  • individuals furthering the study of the history of Christianity;
  • students working in relevant fields;
  • scholars studying and/or teaching the history of Christianity at institutions of higher education in the UK and abroad;
  • and institutions and other bodies interested in furthering the study of the history of Christianity.

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