Mr. Exequiel Monge-Allen

Exequiel Monge-Allen on a trip to Skellig Michael

Born in Santiago de Chile, he completed his undergrade in History in the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Santiago, 2010) and in Education in the Alberto Hurtado University (Santiago, 2012). In 2014, Monge-Allen completed an MA in Old and Middle Irish Languague and Literature in National University of Ireland, Galway, under the supervision of professor Máirín Ní Dhonnchadha, whith a thesis tittled May you be mine, may I be yours. Monastic friendship and intimacy in Early Medieval Ireland. In 2014, he was granted the IRC Scholarship for the development of his PhD, which he currently carries on in NUIG, under the supervision of prof. Ní Dhonnchadha. The tittle of his forthcoming dissertation is Theology of the Céli Dé. Christian faith and monastic experience according to the disciples of Saint Máel Ruain of Tallaght. He has presented communications in Chile, Argentina, Ireland and Britatin: most recently, in the Cambrige Colloquium for Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic (February, 2015), in the Roscrea Spring Conference dedicated to the Céli Dé (April, 2015), in the IV Patristic Congress in Buenos Aires (June, 2015), in the XV International Congress for Celtic Studies in Glasgow (July, 2015) and in EHS Summer Conference in York (July, 2015). In 2013, he founded the "Centro de Estudios Celticos, Anglosajones y Nórdicos" (Centre of Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Norse Studies) in Santiago de Chile, first institution of its kind in Spanish-speaking Latin America. 

- 2010: BA in History, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Santiago).

- 2012: BA in Education and Teaching Licence, Alberto Hurtado University (Santiago)

- 2013: Founds the "Centro de Estudios Célticos, Anglosajones y Nórdicos" (Santiago de Chile)

- 2014: MA in Old and Middle Irish Language and Literature, National University of Ireland, Galway.

- 2014: Receives the IRC Graduate Scholarship for his PhD project Theology of the Céli Dé.