Fredrik Santell

Revd Dr Fredrik Santell is currently serving as Bishop's Chaplain in the Diocese of Strängnäs, Church of Sweden. His PhD-thesis Svenska kyrkans diakonistyrelse. Tillflöde och tillkomst, organisation och verksamhet intill 1938 (Svenska kyrkans diakonistyrelse - The Church of Sweden National Board for Parish Life. Incentives and Origin, Organisation and Work until 1938) (published 2016) focuses on the way in which the Church of Sweden emerged as an overall national unit in support of the pastoral activities in the dioceses and parishes. The Diakonistyrelse was a product of the parish movement in Sweden, and was shaped on the basis of the national church programme of the Professor of Practical Theology at the University of Lund Olof Holmström (1854-1921). His national church programme has links with contemporary practical theology  particularly in Germany, as well as with church practitioners in other parts of Europe. This european exchange of ecclesiological experience in the early 20th century will be the main subject of Fredrik Santell's further research.