Dr Ian Jones

Dr Ian Jones - photo


As Director of St Peter's Saltley Trust since 2007, I am engaged in a wide range of church-facing research in support of Trust projects and partners.

I was Research Associate at the Lincoln Theological Institute for the Study of Religion and Society (first at University of Sheffield, then in Religions and Theology, University of Manchester) 2000-07, researching the Church of England's experience of women's ordination as priests.

For my PhD (Dept of Theology, University of Birmingham, 2000), I studied local church life and generational change in Birmingham - supervised by Prof Hugh McLeod.

I have a BA and MA in History (1993 and 1995 respectively) from the University of York.

Research Interests:

1) Christianity in Post-War England - particularly local church life, age and generational change in church participation, music for worship, popular religious attitudes to social, moral and cultural change.

2) Changing understandings of Christian discipleship and its equivalents (e.g., 'holy living', 'the Christian life', etc.) - i.e., how Christian communities at different periods have understood the nature and tasks of everyday Christian 'being and doing'.  I have begun this through an exploration of conceptions of discipleship in the Christian spiritual 'classics' and other published writings on the Christian life.

3) The development of resources and approaches to helping local church congregations and their clergy engage with the history of Christianity, as a tool for contemporary mission and ministry.  

Publications relevant to the history of Christianity (as sole author or editor unless otherwise stated):

  •  'Faith in the Public Square in 1941 and 1991: Two Malvern Conferences Reviewed', Journal of Beliefs and Values 37:3 (2016), pp. 247-258
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  • ‘Introduction: Daily Life and Worship’ and (with Peter Webster) ‘Church Music’ in ‘The Churches since 1945’ in Dee Dyas (ed.), The English Parish Church through the Centuries: daily life & spirituality, art & architecture, literature & music [DVD-Rom] (Christianity and Culture Project, University of York/St John’s Nottingham, 2010)
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