Dr Janice Holmes

janice holmes portrait

Awarded a PhD in 1995 from Queen's University Belfast, Janice taught and researched at University College Dublin and the University of Ulster, before moving to the HIstory department at The Open University in 2007. She lives and works in Belfast where, alongside her academic role, she also co-ordinates the OU's teaching activity for the Faculty of Arts on the island of Ireland. She also works extensively with local heritage stakeholders and community groups, such as the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland and the John Hewitt Summer School. She has been President of the Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies and a member of the editorial board of Irish Historical Studies since 2009. She has written, among other things, Religious Revivals in Britain and Ireland, 1859-1905 (2000) and 'The Reform of Piety in Ireland, 1780-1920' in Anders Jarlert (ed.), Piety and Modernity (2012).