Mr Martin Roberts

Graduating in 1984 with a law degree from the University of Leeds, and qualifying as a solicitor in 1987, Martin pursued a successful legal career until early retirement in December 2013. Obtaining his MA (Medieval Studies) from the University of Lincoln in 2015, he is studying for his PhD at the University of Nottingham under the supervision of Drs Rob Lutton and Claire Taylor. His intended thesis looks particularly at a Court of Audience notebook from the Diocese of Lincoln that dates from 1527 to mid 1530 and will consider how that notebook and other similar records can inform historians and others about both the extent of secularization and other ways in which the ecclesiastical justice system had adapted in the face of a changing society even prior to the "official" start of the Reformation

Martin is also a Research Affiliate with the University of Nottingham School of History working with Professor John Beckett in the Centre for Hidden Histories Project.