Conferences are held twice a year. A residential conference in July and a one-day conference the following January are organized around a theme proposed by the Society's President.

Leeds International Medieval Colloquium: Sessions in memory of John Doran

7–10 July 2014

The Papacy, Rome and Romanitas: Sessions in Memory of John Doran

I: Aspects of the Liturgy in Rome

Sponsor: The Ecclesiastical History Society/The University of Chester

Organiser:  Brenda Bolton,University of London

Organiser email:

EHS theme for 2014-15: Doubting Christianity: The Church and Doubt

University of Sheffield, 22-24 July 2014
London, 17 January 2015

The 53rd Summer Conference of the Ecclesiastical History Society will be held at the University of Sheffield’s conference centre, Halifax Hall, Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield S10 3ED, from lunch on Tuesday 22 July to lunch on Thursday 24 July. Please note:

Provisional dates for future Summer Conferences and Winter Meetings

  • 2014: 11 January, London; 22-24 July, Sheffield NB: Please note the change of dates
  • 2015: 17 January, London; 28-30 July, York
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