Conferences are held twice a year. A residential conference in July and a one-day conference the following January are organized around a theme proposed by the Society's President.

EHS Winter Meeting 2014-15: Doubting Christianity: The Church and Doubt

Dr Williams's Library, London
17 January 2015

Speakers include Charles Stang (Harvard), Matteo Duni (Syracuse University, Florence) and Rowan Williams (Magdalene College, Cambridge). The booking form for the Winter Meeting is now available here.


Outline of Presidential Theme 

EHS Theme for 2015-16: Translating Christianity

28-30 July 2015, Humanities Research Centre, University of York

16 January 2016, Dr Williams's Library, London (tbc)


Translating Christianity:

Word, Image, Sound & Object in the Circulation of the Sacred from the Birth of Christ until the present day

'Translation is always a shift not between two languages but between two cultures’ Umberto Eco

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