The 40th Keele Latin and Palaeography Summer School

This week-long, annual summer school run by Keele University provides expert tuition in small groups for professional and amateur historians, genealogists, archive students, and postgraduate researchers who wish to acquire or improve their skills in reading and transcribing medieval and early modern documents from English archives, relating to both national and local subjects.

It attracts some 40 to 50 students each year from all parts of the UK, and also from North America and elsewhere.

Become a Benefactor of the Sion College Collection

One of the most important collections at Lambeth Palace Library are the books and manuscripts from the library of Sion College. Founded only 20 years later than Lambeth Palace Library, Sion College library was established to support the City of London clergy. It rapidly became a resource used by the citizens of London as a whole and its fame as a learned collection spread far and wide. By the 1650s it was attracting visitors from as far afield as New England and eastern Europe.

World Christianities Prize

The editors of the Journal of Ecclesiastical History are pleased to announce the inception of a new World Christianities Prize. The winning author will receive £500 and their essay will be published in the Journal of Ecclesiastical History. It will be awarded annually for the best essay submitted on any aspect of the history of Christianity outside Europe and North America from the year 700 to the present. 

The deadline for first submission is 31 March 2017, and there are no eligibility restrictions on submission.

Stories of Survival: Three Post-doctoral fellowships at Oxford

The adverts have just gone live for THREE post-doctoral fellowships at Oxford to work on Dr John-Paul Ghobrial's project on Eastern Christianity, ca. 16th-18th centuries.  These posts are for three years each (2016-2019), and they will be amazing opportunities for early career researchers to carry out their own individual research alongside the research of the project. 

Latin and Palaeography Summer School at Keele University

Now in its 39th year, the Latin and Palaeography Summer School at Keele University provides expert training, in small groups, for those who need to learn how to read and translate documents in medieval ​Latin. It is especially suitable for those researching the history of particular places, but also for more general interest in aspects of medieval lives.

​ One of the specialist courses this year is on Medieval Church Courts.​

Launch of the Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English launched in January 2016, is a collaboration between the School of English and Drama and the School of History at Queen Mary University of London, focusing on Roman Catholicism, the Church of England, Protestant dissent, Methodism, and Judaism. 

Their website is available here: http://www.sed.qmul.ac.uk/religionandliterature

St Werburgh's Church, Derby: Research Project

St Werburgh's Church, Derby, is a redundant Anglican church under the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. Volunteers there are seeking to set up a research project with a view to applying for Heritage Lottery Funding. They hope to relate the ecclesiastical context the social history of the parish and the wider geography of the city. The first phase includes the transcription of the nineteenth century census alongside research into the church memorials and families associated with them. They also intend to research the incumbents.


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