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All Members of the society are invited to an annual residential summer conference, held in a different location each year, and to a one-day winter conference in London. A theme is chosen for the conferences each year by the President, who is elected annually. Conferences include the presentation of major papers by invited speakers who are international experts in their field, and of shorter communications related to the theme, which may be offered by individuals. Excursions are also arranged to local venues of historical interest, and there is time for participants to interact over meals and in the bar with others working in their areas of research. Selected proceedings of the conferences are published each year in Studies in Church History.

We are keen to see increased postgraduate participation in the society, and convene a postgraduate colloquium each year. A number of speakers there go on to offer papers at the summer conference and to have those accepted for publication in Studies in Church History. Since 2005, we have also awarded the Michael J. Kennedy postgraduate prize, in memory of a former secretary of the society, for the best communication by a postgraduate at the Summer Conference. Previous winners have been:


Sara Slinn (University of Nottingham), Sons of the Prophets: Domestic Clerical Seminaries in Late Georgian England


Chris Wilson (University of Exeter), The Medieval Church in Early Methodism and Anti-Methodism


George Oppitz-Trotman (University of Cambridge), Staging Vice and Acting Evil: Theatre and Anti-Theatre in Early Modern England


Sarah Scutts (University of Exeter), ‘Truth never needed the protection of forgery’: Sainthood and Miracles in Robert Hegge’s ‘History of St. Cuthbert's Churches at Lindisfarne, Cuncacestre, and Dunholme’ (1625)


Gesine Oppitz-Trotman (University of East Anglia), Birds, Beasts and Becket: Falconry and Hawking in the Lives and Miracles of St Thomas Becket


Adrian Chastain Weimer (Harvard University), Heaven and Heavenly Piety in Colonial American Elegies


Gemma Betros (University of Cambridge), Napoleon and the Revival of Female Religious Communities in Paris, 1800-14


Martin Ryan (University of Manchester), ‘Ad sedem episcopalem reddantur’: Bishops, Monks and Monasteries in the Diocese of Worcester in the Eighth Century



To read the full EHS constitution, click here. It includes certain revisions which were adopted at the AGM in July 2012.


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Past Presidents and themes

For details of past Presidents and themes, click here.


The following distinguished scholars have been recognized as Fellows of the Ecclesiastical History Society under item 5 of the constitution. Until 2000 such individuals were known as honorary members.

  • David Bebbington (2011- )
  • Brenda Bolton (2008- )
  • C. N. L. Brooke (1999- )
  • Averil Cameron (2001- )
  • James K. Cameron (1999-2012)
  • Henry Chadwick (1986-2008)
  • Owen Chadwick (2001- )
  • Patrick Collinson (1999-2011)
  • Giles Constable (1979- )
  • Claire Cross (2001- )
  • A. G. Dickens (1977-2001)
  • Eamon Duffy (2011- )
  • Clifford Dugmore (1976-90)
  • W. H. C. Frend (1979-2005)
  • S. L. Greenslade (1977)
  • Paul Grosjean (1963-4)
  • Rosalind M. T. Hill (1979-97)
  • M. D. Knowles (1973-4)
  • H. A. Lloyd Jukes (1979-93)
  • Robert Markus (1999-2010)
  • Colin Morris (2011- )
  • Janet L. Nelson (1999- )
  • G. F. Nuttall (1979-2007)
  • Steven Runciman (1974-2000)
  • Walter Ullmann (1977-83)
  • Alec R. Vidler (1979-91)
  • W. R. Ward (1999-2010)

International Links

The EHS serves as the host body for the British sub-commission of the Commission internationale d'histoire et d'études du christianisme (CIHEC), a UNESCO-linked body which serves as the main co-ordinating structure for ecclesiastical historians worldwide.  

Something a little different ...

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the society's foundation, we placed online a murder-mystery by Timothy Larsen, Bloomsbury Blood. You may consider that his 'Church Archaeological Society' bears an uncanny resemblance to the EHS, but we couldn't possibly comment ...

The novel comes in two files rather than the classic Victorian three parts. To read it, click on the links below.

Bloomsbury Blood 1

Bloomsbury Blood 2

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