Concilium Lateranense IV—2015

WE, the undersigned, having concern for the undertaking of so great a purpose and wishing to commemorate the General Council as convened by the Lord Pope Innocent III in November 1215, humbly suggest that we likewise, two and a half years from this 2013th year, whether in that same month of November or at some other time more convenient to the majority, should summon and agree to celebrate a General Colloquium. In this Octocentennial Colloquium, errors are to be corrected and scholarship renewed on the matter of the Lord Pope Innocent’s General Council, the fourth to have been held at the Lateran.

But because a General Colloquium cannot be appropriately and conveniently assembled until two and a half years from now, we request meanwhile that discreet men and women in the several continents, countries and provinces should make known any intentions they may have in this matter so that together we may prosecute the business of this Colloquium more effectively.

Wherefore let no one excuse him or herself and withdraw from the execution of such a worthy work. Let no one plead the difficulties caused by teaching or sabbatical leave, or those caused by robbers on the roads or bandits of the airways. For, as the Lord Pope Innocent has so wisely stated, ‘no man or woman will ever cross the ocean if he or she is always waiting for the sea to cease its turmoil’.

10–29 April 2013

Brenda Bolton, formerly University of London UK

Christoph Egger, Institut für Österreichische  Geschichtsforschung, Universität Wien

Damian Smith, St Louis University MO, USA

Danica Summerlin, Stephan Kuttner Institute of Medieval Canon Law, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany

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