EHS Conference 2018-19: The Church and the Law

In 2018 the 57th Summer Conference will be held at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, on 24-26 July, on the theme of The Church and the Law. As ever, the intention is to attract a broad spectrum of papers from across the history of Christianity. 

Please be aware of the following deadlines:
Proposal deadlines: 31 December 2017 (for those who need early decisions for funding applications); 31 March (final deadline)

Postgraduate students should also be aware that the EHS offers a number of generous bursaries which cover the FULL COST of attending the conference, and half bursaries for those who already have some funding from other sources. Forms for these will be placed on the website once decisions have been made about proposed papers. 

Booking forms and a timetable will appear on the website closer to the time.

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