Concilium Lateranense IV—2015

Concilium Lateranense IV: Celebrating the Octocentenary of the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215
Rome, 25-29 November 2015

The Fourth Lateran Council, convened at Rome in November 1215 by Pope Innocent III, outshone every other medieval religious assembly in significance and ceremonial, with more than one thousand members of the higher clergy and representatives of rulers of Christendom in attendance. At the Council’s closing session, delegates approved 70 decrees, which were enforced throughout Western Christendom for centuries to come, and called for the Holy Land to be ‘liberated’ by a new crusade, the Fifth. The Council laid down a new profession of religious faith and points of dogma, aiming to halt the spread of heresy, reform clerical morals, and impose discipline and regulation not only on lay Christians but on Jews and Muslims alike.
The implementation of the conciliar decrees will be covered in themes such as crusading, heresy, monasticism, canon law, penance, the mendicant orders, theology, liturgy, marriage, preaching, mission, trade, humour, vernacular literature, art history, and relations with Jews and Muslims.
More than 150 papers proposed by scholars from North America, Europe and Israel have been accepted, and plenary lectures will be given by Agostino Paravicini Bagliani, Jessalyn Bird, Brenda Bolton, Tommaso di Carpegna, Marcia Colish, Giles Constable, Anne Duggan, Christoph Egger, Chiara Frugoni, Dorothy Glass, Peter Gemeinhard, Dale Kinney, Ian Haynes, Pascal Montaubin, Serena Romano, Neslihan Şenocak and Danica Summerlin.
The provisional programme is now available online at where information on how to register will also be posted as soon as possible.

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