Patristic Christology from a Contemporary Perspective

26 October 2017, Bellarmine Room, Heythrop College

This one-day symposium takes its lead from Aaron Riches’s book Ecce Homo: On the Divine Unity of Christ (Eerdmans, 2016), which has been acclaimed as 'one of the most substantial contributions to the subject of the past thirty years' (Janet Martin Soskice, TLS). The symposium will explore the central argument of the book that the tradition shaped by the ecumenical councils of the first millennium, received in East and West, sheds light on theological conversation today and leads to a fuller and richer understanding of the mystery of Christ.

Speakers: Michael Lang (Heythrop College), Aaron Riches (Seminario Mayor de Granada), 'Cyril of Alexandria as the standard of conciliar orthodoxy'; Benjamin Gleede (University of Tubingen), 'Sonship as unicity-criterion for Christ’s hypostasis'; Richard Price (Heythrop College), 'Christology in the iconoclast controversy';  Johannes Hoff (Heythrop College), 'Chalcedon – neither end nor beginning:
Christology in a post-confessional age'; John Milbank (University of Nottingham), Response.

 £30 / £15 for students (includes lunch and coffee/tea breaks). For further details, and to book, please contact Michael Lang:

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