Selected proceedings of the Summer and Winter conferences each year are published in the prestigious series Studies in Church History. Past titles include:

  • The Church and the Arts
  • Christianity and Judaism
  • Unity and Diversity in the Church
  • Retribution, Repentance, and Reconciliation
  • Discipline and Diversity
  • Revival and Resurgence in Christian History
  • The Church, the Afterlife and the Fate of the Soul
  • God's Bounty: The Churches and the Natural World
  • Saints and Sanctity
  • The Church and Literature
  • The Church on its Past

These volumes endeavour to explore a theme (chosen by the president for the year), providing a snapshot of current scholarship on a particular aspect of church history. Essays may focus on issues of detail, or take a broad perspective. They should be a helpful starting point for the student approaching particular issues in the history of Christianity, and are often of interest to those working in other disciplines. Each volume comprises around thirty essays, ranging widely throughout Christian history.

A companion series, Studies in Church History, Subsidia, includes Festschriften and proceedings from other conferences. Volumes available include:

  • Life and Thought in the Northern Church
  • Missions and Missionaries
  • International Religious Networks

Both series are normally available at a discounted price to EHS members. Subscribing members for the academic year 2013-14 should have received Religion and the Household automatically as their subscription volume. If your copy has not arrived, please contact the Assistant Editor, Dr Tim Grass,


Published in 2014

Volume 50, The Church and the Household, appeared during April 2014. The volume was edited by John Doran, Charlotte Methuen and Alexandra Walsham. Tim Grass serves as Assistant Editor.


'A Very Agreeable Society': The Ecclesiastical History Society, 1961-2011

Stella Fletcher's 126-page history of the EHS is still available, now reduced in price, and a 'must read' for all those interested both in the development of the discipline during the last half-century and in the personalities behind it. For details and an order form, click here. You may pay for this title online using PayPal; just click here. Please ensure that you indicate on the order form that you are using this method of payment.


Ordering SCH volumes

Recent volumes in both series are available from Boydell and Brewer; please consult their web-site:

Older volumes are available at substantially reduced prices. For an order form, click here.  We welcome payment by bank transfer; for the relevant details contact the Treasurer, Simon Jennings, at If paying by bank transfer, please send the order form in the usual way, and it will be processed once payment has been received.

We regret that most early volumes are now out of print; second-hand copies are often advertised for sale on the internet and elsewhere, although we cannot help you with these!


If you are a contributor to, or peer reviewer for, Studies in Church History ...

To download a copy of the Notes for Contributors please click here. A List of Abbreviations used in Studies in Church History is available by clicking here.

The Cover sheet which must accompany your paper can be downloaded here.

The Peer Review form, to be returned to the Assistant Editor, is available by clicking here.


Studies in Church History indices

Two indices to Studies in Church History (including the Subsidia volumes) list contributions by volume and contributors. Click on the links to access them.

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