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Painting in the provinces: painters, portraits and patrons in Early Stuart Chester

20 November 2012, 17:15 - 19:15

Event Type: Seminar


Professor Robert Tittler (University, Montreal)


Robert Tittler, FRHistS, FSA, is Professor of History Emeritus at Concordia University, Montreal. His interests have included various aspects of national and local history in the Tudor and early Stuart era. His most recent book is Portraits, Painters, and Publics in Provincial England, 1540-1640 (Oxford U.P., 2012).

Ever since Peter Borsay's seminal work on the English Urban Renaissance, we have had a useful paradigm for the cultural role of Early Modern towns and cities. But while scholarship has emerged, e.g.,  on provincial music and drama, the visual arts have been neglected. This paper investigates the role of one provincial city as a regional centre for the production and patronage of painting. It investigates the regional characteristics of the painters' occupation, patronage, and consequent output, for the years prior to the Civil Wars.

Venue: Room STB2, Stewart House, Basement

Venue: STB2 (Stewart House, basement)

Stewart House
University of London
32 Russell Square 
London WC1B 5DN


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