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Mia Jackson will speak on Andre-Charles Boulle as a Collector of Prints and Drawings - more details will be available soon.

18 March 2013, 18:00 - 20:00

Event Type: Seminar


Mia Jackson


Mia Jackson's thesis considers André-Charles Boulle (1642-1732) as a collector of prints and drawings.  Renowned for his elaborate furniture with marquetry of turtleshell and brass, with figurative gilt-bronze mounts, Boulle has been considered largely through the medium of his furniture. This thesis will seek better to understand the artistic milieux in which he operated, the scope and changing nature of his collections, his reasons for collecting, and the function of his collection. It will seek to establish a more sophisticated understanding of the part played by Boulle's collection of prints and drawings - in his own words a 'source delicieuse' - in both the design and the marketing of the furniture.

This seminar will provide a brief overview of the types of prints and drawings Boulle collected, and discuss the various inventories and sources by which one can know what he had. The collection suffered a devastating blow in 1720 when a workshop fire destroyed much of it, and the remainder was sold after Boulle's death to pay off his creditors. Despite this, objects from the collection can be traced which shed light on the social milieux and artistic creation of this Louvre artisan.

Venue:  Room STB3/6, Stewart House, Basement

Venue: STB3/6 (Stewart House, basement)

Stewart House
University of London
32 Russell Square 
London WC1B 5DN

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