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24 June 2013, 18:00 - 20:30

Event Type: Seminar


New Directions in Transnational History: A Summer Evening Workshop With Wine


18:00  Giles Strachan (KCL)
Salkey, Clarke, but not Naipaul: West Indian authors and identity
construction, 1966-71

18:15  Katie Roscoe (KCL)
Pentonville Prison and the transnational currents of carceral ideology

18:30  Mads Bomholt Nielsen (KCL)
Trusting white superiority: scientific racism, native policy in South Africa, and the British response to the Namibian genocide, c. 1884-1915

18:45  Discussion

19:05  Break

19:15  Jacob Smith (KCL)
Careers in conflict: British irregular officers and the nineteenth-century

19:30  Adam Clarke
Navigating the Transnational Turn in the Florida Straits: The El Mariel Boatlift and the spaces between Cuban and United States history

19:45  Jacob Peters (KCL)
Zionism in Britain from the Boer War to the Palestine Mandate

20:00  Discusssion

20:30  Fin

Please note:  this session takes place in Room S8.08, Strand Building, King's College London, 6PM (anomalous time and venue)

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