History events at the IHR

Historical Mapping and Geographic Information Systems

06 May 2014, 09:00 - 18:00

Event Type: Research Training


Researchers increasingly see the value of including mapping in their work, but the software used for creating maps - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – can do much more than simply create maps as illustrations. GIS is being used in a variety of contexts to make sense of information with a spatial component, be it at the level of buildings and streets or at the level of nations, and to perform sophisticated geospatial and topographical analyses. The workshop will include hands-on practical sessions using GIS software to view and manipulate historical data, and will provide the opportunity for generating (and analysing) the kinds of thematic mapping that is the product of this research tool. Fee: £75


Venue: Senate House

The event is taking place in several rooms in Senate House.
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