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Friday 27 November

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Senate House 10:00 History Libraries & Research open day

A one-day programme ideal for postgraduate students and early career researchers.


John S Cohen Room, 203 17:15 'I'm not really political, but...:' Women's Political Subjectivity in Postwar Britain
Eve Worth (Oxford)

This paper uses the oral history interviews conducted for my DPhil thesis as the evidence base to explore w...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 'Rethinking political life and "state formation" in the western Holy Roman Empire and the Burgundian Low Countries, c. 1350-1520'
Duncan Hardy (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:30 Adorno's Dream: Interpretation after Auschwitz
Jacob Bard Rosenberg (Birkbeck)

Saturday 28 November

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 No bookings


Monday 30 November

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Village Halls, Leisure and Community in Early Twentieth-Century EnglandJeremy Burchardt (University of Reading)

Not for Sale: Rural Handicrafts in Interwar England
Alice Kirke (University College L...

Room G37 (Ground Floor) 17:15 Politics and Ethics of the Decolonial Idea: from Jamaica to Paris and back (via Cheshire)."
Stephen Howe (University of Bristol)
Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:30 Moses Mendelssohn on Hebrew as a language of action
Avi Lifschitz (UCL)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:30 A roundtable discussion of Robert D. Priest's 'The Gospel according to Renan: Reading, Writing, and Religion in Nineteenth-Century France'
Robert D. Priest (Royal Holloway) with responses from Ruth Harris (Oxford) and Jeremy Jennings (King's College London)

Venue: Pollard Room N301, 3rd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House


Room 304 17:30 I never wanted to participate in a charity: Women's relationship to voluntary work within the UK Women's Liberation Movement
Dr Bridget Lockyer (Canterbury Christ Church University)

This seminar considers the voluntary work carried out by women in the Women’s Liberation Movement (WL...

Wolfson Conference Suite 18:00 Creighton Lecture 2015
Professor Margaret MacMillan (University of Oxford)

The Outbreak of the First World War: Why the debate goes on


Tuesday 1 December

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Re-evaluating topography: the case of Captain Thomas Davies' An East View of the Great Cataract of Niagara (1762)
Felicity Myrone (British Library)
Room 304 17:15 Meeting places in the Northern Danelaw, c. 900-c. 1100
Tudor Skinner

Tudor completed a PhD at Durham in 2014.

This paper seeks to characterise the dynamic relations bet...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Military Charities, Welfare Reform and State Formation during the First World War: The Central Role of the Royal Patriotic Fund Corporation
Simon McNeill-Ritchie (Cambridge University)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 `English towns and parliamentary representation, 1295-1350`
Robin McCallum (Queen’s University, Belfast)
Warburg Institute 17:30 "Books, Libraries, and the First World War British Prisoner of War"
Dr. Edmund G. C. King (Open University)

Here everything is a very lazy life. Nothing at all to do except read + eat.” So wrote Captain John G...

Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 West African Warfare in Bahia and Cuba: Soldier Slaves in the Atlantic World, 1807-1844
Manuel Barcia (University of Leeds)

Abstract: How a series of historical events that occurred in West Africa from the mid-1790s— includin...

Room 246 (Senate House) 18:00 Sexuality, AIDS and the past in Zimbabwe: interweaving discourses and contested histories
Diana Jeater (Goldsmiths)

In 1999, Zimbabwe was the world's most HIV-infected country. By 2006, behavioural changes had created the w...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 19:00 Late Anglo-Saxon Tribute Payments and Scandinavian Hoards: Re-Examining the Connections
Rory Naismith (KCL)

With Christmas party


Wednesday 2 December

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:00 The Age of Agincourt: Wales and War in the later middle ages
Dr Adam Chapman (IHR)

Professor Lawrence Goldman, Director of the I...

Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:15 'Keep Calm and Carry On`: The Popular Memory of Second World War Food Rationing and Gender History.
Kelly Spring (PhD student, Manchester)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 How to Run the World: Conceptions of Imperial Rule between Republicanism and Technocracy
Eva Marlene Hausteiner (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:15 Race, region and resacralisation: new Churches in the North East of England, 1980 to the present
Dr David Goodhew (Cramner Hall, Durham)
Other 17:30 Polemic against the Jews and the liturgy in early medieval Iberia
Kati Ihnat (Bristol)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 The Resident Artist: Making Performance in your Council Estate Home
Katie Beswick (Exeter University)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 The Generational Transmission of Memory and Identity through 'Family Heritage'
Anne-Marie Kramer (University of Nottingham)

This paper will explore the generational transmission of memory and identity through a focus on the role of...

Room 304 17:30 Japanese Agency and Business Reform in Occupied Japan: The Holding Company Liquidation Commission and Zaibatsu Dissolution
Dr Steven Ericson (Dartmouth College)


Thursday 3 December

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 10:40 'Louis XIV, the Global King' - Special guest lecture by Philip Mansel

This is a special lecture which has to be booked for in advance followed by a wine reception. If you would...

Room G26 (Ground Floor) 17:15 Discussing reform between the 14th and 16th Centuries: the example of Italian hospitals
Thomas Frank (Pavia)

Please note that this seminar will be located in The Montague Room (G26) in Senate House South Block.


American History Room (IHR) 17:15 "That soft pernicious tenderness that restrains the hand of justice": elite and popular attitudes to currency crime in the financial revolution
David Blaazer (Canberra)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 The Events Leading Up to His Death: The Last Years of Preston Sturges, 1950-59
Nick Smedley (Author of The Roots of Modern Hollywood and A Divided World: Hollywood Cinema and Émigré Directors in the Era of Roosevelt and Hitler)


Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Gender and War in the C20th:

Emasculated servicemen? Gender and captivity in the First and Second World W...

Room 246 (Senate House) 17:30 On Knowing and Doing: science, heritage and youth in interwar agricultural education
Alice Kirke (UCL Institute of Education)

The Young Farmers’ Club (YFC) movement was established in 1921 to provide agricultural education and ...

Room 304 17:30 A Pre-History of Online Dating: Mediated Matchmaking in Britain, 1970 - 2005
Zoe Strimpel, Sussex University
Room 104 (First Floor) and Room 243 (Second Floor) 17:30 A Very Tiresome Invention: the BBC and pre-war television
Dr Jamie Medhurst (Aberystwyth)

Venue: Senate House, South block, 1st floor, Torrington Room 104


Friday 4 December

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 'Illustrations on the plea rolls for the court of common pleas, 1422-1509: an unused source for art, printing and politics in late medieval England'
Elizabeth Danbury (UCL)

Saturday 5 December

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 No bookings