Going to the movies in Santiago and Buenos Aires, 1915-1945

Going to the movies in Santiago and Buenos Aires, 1915-1945
26 Sep 2017, 17:30 to 26 Sep 2017, 19:15
IHR Peter Marshall Room, N204, Second Floor, IHR, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Camila Gatica, ILAS

This paper analyses the experience of siting inside a cinema to watch a film in Buenos Aires and Santiago. Its objective is twofold: to study the social practices that arose inside the cinema, and the way the audience integrated the experience of going to the movies into their everyday life. The paper will be organised in two parts. The first part will discuss attendance and pricing, who went to the movies and the timing of cinema shows. Prices and attendance were very intertwined, since pricing was the main tool that cinema businessmen had to attract people to their establishments. The second section will focus on the behaviour of people inside the cinema and how it changed once the lights were out.

Dr. Camila Gatica Mizala completed her PhD at UCL in 2015. Her doctoral thesis, titled 'Social Practices of Modernity: Cinema-going in Buenos Aires and Santiago, 1915-1945', examines the ideas of modernity that emerged through the practice of going to the movies in these two capital cities. She is currently a fellow at the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS), University of London.


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