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2 May 2016

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 No bookings

3 May 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Connecting revolutions and ignoring borders: circulating radical ideas in the Atlantic world, 1776-1848
Janet Polasky (University of New Hampshire)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Operation Market Garden: The Manpower Dimension
Dr John Peaty
Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 'A Dog, a Butcher and a Puritan': The Politics of Lent in Early Modern England
Chris Kyle (University of Syracuse)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 Infertility and the Law in the Roman World
Rebecca Fleming (Cambridge)

Chair: Catherine Rose


Warburg Institute 17:30 'Bibliotheca Abscondita: the Library of Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682)
Lucy Gwynn (Queen Mary University)

Thomas Browne, Norwich physician and one of the great essayists of the seventeenth century, was drawn to th...

4 May 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Free Speech in Eighteenth-Century England
Faramerz Dabhoiwala (Exeter College, University of Oxford)
Room 246 (Senate House) 17:15 The Semiotics of the Body in Medieval Japanese Narratives
Raj Pandey (Goldsmiths)

This paper suggests that the spirit/ soul/mind/body debates that have been central to Western thought, and ...

Room 304 17:15 "Hobbes on the Purpose of Punishment"
Signy Gutnick Allen (Queen Mary, University of London)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:30 I have had them in my hands often: domestic servants and the material culture of the eighteenth-century domestic space
Tessa Chynoweth (Queen Mary University of London)

Venue: Pollard Room N301, 3rd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House


Room G35 (Ground Floor) 17:30 Roman Relics in Early Medieval Relic Collections
Julia Smith (Glasgow)

Venue: Bloomsbury Room G35, Ground floor, Soth block, Senate House


5 May 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Medieval London almshouses
Sarah Lennard-Brown (Birkbeck)

Meeting the monks: visitors to the London Charterhouse 1405-1537
David Harrrap (QMUL)...

Room 243 (Senate House) 17:30 Sonic geographies of childhood: educational sounds and silences
Dr. Sarah Mills (Department of Geography, Loughborough University)

This paper draws on material from a sound archive of children’s folklore recorded by a London primary...

Other 17:30 American Indian Child Removal and the Elusiveness of Reconciliation
Margaret Jacobs (Pitt Professor of American History and Institutions, University of Cambridge)
John S Cohen Room, 203 18:00 History Knocking-Shop: Sex, class and the politics of history
Ian Gwinn (University of Liverpool)

6 May 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 The Dutch contexts of William Courten's (1642-1702) Collections
Sachiko Kusakawa (Cambridge)



7 May 2016

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 No bookings


9 May 2016

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Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 `Astraea in the Tropics: Studying Diplomacy and Empire in the Global Renaissance'
Zoltan Biedermann (UCL)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Anglican Church Militant and Catholic Europe, 1605-1620
Noah Millstone (University of Bristol)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:30 Decolonization and the End of Europe's Religious Wars
Dr. Udi Greenberg (Dartmouth College)

Joseph Snyder (West Virginia University)

Colonial / Postcoloni...

Room 246 (Senate House) 18:00 Collecting Islamic art in early modern Italy
Federica Gigante (Warburg Institute and SOAS)

This seminar is geared towards providing an overview of the mechanisms of importing and collecting Islamic ...

10 May 2016

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Room 304 15:00 We request that Your Honor assist the Company with your labours: Hugo Grotius and the Dutch East India Company, 1604 - 1645
Martine Van Ittersum (University of Dundee) 
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 The Royal Naval Reserve in rural Scotland and Wales, c. 1900-39
Ben Thomas (Alan Pearsall Fellow, Institute of Historical Research)
Room 304 17:15 TBA



Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Reformation and Turkish threat in Elizabethan England: the "Turke" and John Foxe's polemic against the Roman Catholic Church
Christopher Toenjes (Freiburg)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 Transnational influences on the mission work of John and Nokutela Dube and other leading African converts in Natal, 1890s to 1920s
Heather Hughes (University of Lincoln)
Institute of Historical Research (IHR) 18:00 Nehru's Emissary: V K Krishna Menon and the Long 1950s
Dr Rudra Chaudhuri (KCL)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 19:00 Niklas Luhmann and the Medieval Church
David d'Avray (UCL)

11 May 2016

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Other 12:45 'The plague of modern society': newspapers and popular understanding of stress in late twentieth-century Britain.
Jill Kirby (Centre for the History of War and Society, University of Sussex)

Venue:  The Bennett Room, Keppel Street Building


King's College London 17:00 The politics of poverty: the campaigns of CPAG, 1965-2015
Dr Ruth Davidson (KCL)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Barons's Wars, under other names: Magna Carta, Royalism, and the American Founding
Eric Nelson (Harvard)
Room G35 (Ground Floor) 17:15 Bloody Matters in Early Modern Drama and Culture: The Blood that is Shed, The Blood That is Said, The Blood That is Read
Stephen Curtis

In it I will examine the various ways in which blood is used, read and interpreted in early modern tragedy ...

Room 243 (Senate House) 17:30 On a contrary trend in James Strachey's thinking about metapsychology
Dee McQuillan (University College London)

Venue: Room SH243, 2nd floor, Senate House, South block


Room 304 17:30 Settler colonialism and the Protestant Bible: Ben-Gurion reads the Book of Joshua
Gabriel Piterberg (UCLA / EUI)

Chair: Christian Goeschel (Manchester)

This presentation is a close reading of Dav...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Partes imperii: East and West in the Fifth Century AD)
Mark Humphries (Swansea)

12 May 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Henry Yevele and the building of the London Bridge Chapel
Christopher Wilson (UCL)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:15 E.H.: printer of Marvell and Hobbes
Martin Dzelzainis (Leicester)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 City Limits: Sexual Politics and the New Urban Left in 1980s Sheffield
Daisy Payling
Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 Ready, Steady, Go! Finding the Starting Line of the British Pop Promo
Justin Smith (University of Portsmouth)
Room 304 17:30 Joint Panel: Reading Between the Lines: Researching Secret and Unofficial Networks
The NKVD and the Peculiar Case of the Soviet ArchivesPolly Corrigan (King’s College London)

Catherine Beck (University College London)


Room G37 (Ground Floor) 17:30 TBA
Prof. Clare Pettitt (KCL) & associates

Venue: Senate House South block, Ground floor, Room G37


13 May 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:30 Landscapes of 'Non-Capitalism': Historicising the Distinctiveness of Soviet Architecture'
Owen Hathelrley

14 May 2016

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 No bookings


16 May 2016

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Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:15 Bombs over Saida: Nationalism, humanism, and the legacy of the 1982 Israel war in Lebanon
Seth Anziska (UCL)
Room G35 (Ground Floor) 17:15 A global view of the royal court: redistribution, power, and the question of agency
Jeroen Duindam (Leiden University)

Courts have been seen as meeting points and centres of redistribution. At the same time, they have been und...

Pop Nostalgia: The Seventies ‘Nostalgia Wave’ and Popular CultureDr Tobias Becker (German Historical Institute London)‘Where Do Heritage Trails Go to Die?’: Stepping out at the British SeasideDr Paul Gilchrist (University of Brighton)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 British Missionaries and the Mozambican Revolution, 1964-1975
John Stuart (Kingston University)


Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Globalising French History in the Age of Revolutions: Essential Step, or Step Too Far?
David Andress (University of Portsmouth) 
Room 304 17:30 'Not just a "club for girls" but "a women's movement": the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), citizenship and voluntary action in Britain during the interwar years
Dr Caitriona Beaumont (London South Bank University)

The history of the women’s movement, female activism and voluntary action in the decades following th...

17 May 2016

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Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 Grandma always clears up after us: the family experiences of better-off children in post-1870 Britain
Mary Guyatt (QMUL)

Chair: Simon Sleight


Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 "Greetings from Darjeeling": photography, colonialism, and copresence in a Himalayan hill station
Clare Harris (University of Oxford)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 King of Spin: Sir Mark Sykes, Propaganda and the Military Campaigns in the Middle East, 1915-1918
Dr Sadia McEvoy (King’s College London)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 Mr Marvell goes to Westminster: the poet as parliament-man
Paul Seaward (History of Parliament Trust)
John S Cohen Room, 203 17:15 "The Best Mechanical Paper in the World": Scientific American, Reprinting, and the Circulation of Popular Science in Nineteenth-Century Newspapers
Ryan Cordell

In this talk, Ryan Cordell will draw from the Viral Texts project (

Room 304 17:45 Handwritten Text Recognition in Archives - The READ Project
Louise Seaward (University College, London)

18 May 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Rough Diamonds: William Hutton of Birmingham and his Social Networks, 1720-1820
Susan Whyman (Princeton & Oxford)
Room 304 17:15 "Hobbes on human nature and the state of nature"
Alexandra Chadwick (Queen Mary, University of London)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:15 Divers other trifles: the material culture of the sugar banquet in early modern England
Louise Stewart

In sixteenth and seventeenth-century England, sweet banquets consisting of preserved fruits, confections su...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Murder and Mayhem in Southern Italy: Political Authority and Symbolic Action in Erchempert's Historia
Christopher Heath (Manchester)

19 May 2016

Venue Time Details
Other 14:00 Visit to Hampton Court Palace Gardens
and 'The Empress and the Gardener' exhibition 

Please book at Eventbrite:
Gogmagog and Corineus: from the West Country to the New Troy

Trojans and giants on the sea-coast of Totnes
John Clark (Museum of London)


Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:30 Tangled lands: Retracing Burma and India's shared histories, c1945-48
Dr Bérénice Guyot-Réchard (Kings College London)

Venue: Pollard Room N301, 3rd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House


The Court Room (Senate House, first floor) 18:00 Race for entitlement and social welfare in the Anglo-Antipodean world
Melanie Nolan (Professor of History, Director, National Centre for Biography, General Editor, Australian Dictionary of Biography, History Program, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University)  

I am interested in the construction of somewhat different versions of the welfare state in the twentieth ce...

20 May 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 The UUterste Wille of Lowys Porquin (1563): Catholic Schoolbook or Subversive Calvinist Educational Manual?
Myriam Greilsammer (Bar Ilan)



Room 304 17:15 The Role of Domains in Transferring and Building Manufacturing Systems in the Tokugawa Era (1603-1868)
Masa Tanimoto (Tokyo)

In this paper, we provide an overview of state-related manufacturing in the Tokugawa period (1603–186...

21 May 2016

Venue Time Details
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 12:00 1926 General Strike, 90 years on
Ian Birchall, Sue Bruley, Darryl Leeworthy

Venue: this session takes place on a Saturday in the Pollard Room N301, 3rd floor, IHR, ...

John S Cohen Room, 203 14:00 Natural graces, natural genius: gender and 'accomplishments' in the long eighteenth century
Michèle Cohen  (UCL Institute of Education)


23 May 2016

Venue Time Details
Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 'The missionary Counter-Reformation: mobility, witnessing, and records in early modern Catholicism'
Liesbeth Corens (Cambridge)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Better One Tyrant Abroad, Than One in Every Parish: the Brudenell-More Catholics, English Radicalism, and the Demise of the Independent Alliance
Christopher Gillett (Brown University)


Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Frisian Raids of Al-Andalus in the Aftermath of Las Navas de Tolosa: The Fifth Crusade in Iberia
Lucas Villegas-Aristizabal (Queen's University – Bader International Study Centre)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:30 Aviation and Cinema in Mandate Syria and Lebanon
Idir Ouahes (Exeter University)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop


24 May 2016

Venue Time Details
Room 304 15:00 Governing Others in 17th-Century Company Settlements: Comparing Madras and Colombo
Guido Van Meersbergen (European University Institute)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 A global history of penal colonies
Clare Anderson (University of Leicester)
Room 304 17:15 TBA
Room 102 (Senate House, first floor) 17:15 Habermas in Jamaica: speech, politics and slavery
Miles Ogborn (Queen Mary University of London)

Venue: Athlone Room 102, Ground floor, South block, Senate House


Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 How re-established was the Church of England by 1663?
Tom Reid (Kent)
Room 246 (Senate House) 17:15 Medical appeals to sexuality in understanding and policing those who wanted to 'change sex' during the 1930s and 1940s
Clare Tebbutt (Nottingham Trent University)

In 1930s Britain there were numerous newspaper articles about people whose sex had been reclassified. These...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 19:00 TBC
Natalie Jones (UCL)
Institute of Historical Research (IHR) 20:00 Margaret Thatcher's World
Dr Martin Farr (Newcastle)

25 May 2016

Venue Time Details
King's College London 17:00 TBC
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:15 In Pewter two dozen great and small: From quantification to affective qualities in material culture
Antony Buxton

Much analysis of material culture relies on the evidence of individual affective responses to artefacts, as...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Saints' Banners, Holy Banners
Richard Sharpe (Oxford)
Room 234 (Senate House) 17:30 Soul Machine: The Invention of the Modern Mind
George Makari (psychoanalyst and historian; author of Revolution in Mind: The Creation of Psychoanalysis)

Venue: Room SH243, 2nd floor, South block, Senate House


The Beveridge Hall (Senate House, ground floor) 18:00 Eric J. Hobsbawm Memorial Lecture 2016
Sir Richard J. Evans (University of Cambridge)

European History in the Age of Hobsbawm

Eric J. Hobsbawm (1917-2012) was one...

26 May 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 The pre-Fire church of St Botolph Billingsgate
Stephen Freeth


Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:15 '"Lying, flattering addresses?" Allegiance, popularity and status in loyal addresses 1658-1661'
Ted Vallance (Roehampton)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 History and continuity in English education since 1800
Prof Lawrence Goldman (IHR)
Room 304 17:30 Joint Panel: International Economics and Global Banking
Causes of Bank Distress during the Austro-Hungarian GrunderkrachKilian Rieder (University College, Oxford University)

A Crisis Foreshadowed; History Replaying. The Bank of England, the National Bank of Greece and the ...

Other 17:30 The Eurasian Career of a Chinese Political Installation: The Drum of Remonstrance
Professor Rudolf Wagner (Heidelberg University)

Joint Seminar with the SOAS China Institute

Venue: Room 4429, SOAS Main Bu...

27 May 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:30 'A special session organised by the editors of Salvage Magazine'


28 May 2016

Venue Time Details
 No bookings


30 May 2016

Venue Time Details
 No bookings

31 May 2016

Venue Time Details
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 Eton Montem (c. 1550-1844) - the rise and decline of a public school tradition
Catherine Dille (Independent)

Chair: Mary Clare Martin


Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Major-General William Birdwood: The Preparation of an Officer for the Highest Positions of Command
Mr Richard Farrimond (King’s College London)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 Information regimes and governance in the English Revolution: Parliament and the case of the Committee for Plundered Ministers
Gary Rivett (York St. John University)
Room 304 17:45 TBA
The Beveridge Hall (Senate House, ground floor) 18:00 History and the Public: the Legacy of David Cesarani
Sir Richard Evans (University of Cambridge) Professor Jonathan Steinberg (University of Pennsylvania) Suzanne Bardgett (Imperial War Museum) Professor Bryan Cheyette (University of Reading)

David Cesarani’s death in 2015 deprived the historical profession of a noted and highly respected pub...