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1 June 2016

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Wolfson Conference Suite 15:00 Showcasing Cities@SAS, University of London
Godela Weiss-Sussex (IMLR): BerlinMatthew Davies (IHR, director CMH): LondonClaire Launchbury (IMLR/IHR, director Cities@SAS initiative): BeirutGreg Woolf (director, ICS): Urban apesJoanne Anderson (Warburg): InnsbruckTom Hulme (IHR-CMH): Chicago Organised by Dr Claire Launchbury

This event showcases the diversity of disciplinary approaches to all things urban at the School of Advance...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 "The Idea of a Measurable Space": Joseph Priestley's 1765 Chart of Biography
Stephen Boyd Davis (Royal College of Art)
Room G34 (Ground Floor) 17:15 Urinating in early modern England: gender, space and iconoclasm
Tim Reinke Williams (Northampton)

This paper, part of a broader project on masculinity and the body, explores when and where men urinated in ...

Room 304 17:15 "The republic, commerce and public debt in the forged orations of Doge Tommaso Mocenigo"
Giorgio Lizzul (King's College London)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:30 From Country House to Empire Home: Material Cultures of the East India Company
Margot Finn (University College London)

Venue: Pollard Room N301, 3rd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House


Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Monastic Art and Life in Early Medieval Armenia: the Church of Bghno Noravank
Joanna Rapti (Paris)

2 June 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Westminster's wanton wives: whores and their communal ties in early modern England
Olivia Benowitz (Berkeley)

The lesser-known resident aliens of fifteenth century London and its hinterland

Room 243 (Senate House) 17:30 The history of integrationist and multicultural education policies in England, 1976-2016
Dr. Richard Race (School of Education, Roehampton University)

1976 was a significant year for education policy in England with the Ruskin Speech by Prime Minister, James...

John S Cohen Room, 203 18:00 The evacuation of children during the Second World War: the experiences of Francophone refugee children in Britain
Charlotte Ines Faucher (Queen Mary University of London)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 18:00 Research by recent graduates of the IHR Garden History MA course

Introduction to MA Garden History scholarship
Barbara Simms

New Id...

3 June 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Through the powerful Intercession of the Maritime Powers: Religious Networks, Transnational Lobbying, and Anglo-Dutch interventions on behalf of foreign Protestants and Jews, 1690-1748
Catherine Arnold (Yale)



4 June 2016

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Other 15:00 Summer visit to Shardeloes House, Amersham, Buckinghamshire
(by kind permission of Edward Copisarow)

Work to build the present Palladian house at Shardeloes, for William Drake, began in 1758 to the plans of S...


6 June 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 16:00 And now for something completely different: three papers on aspects of early modern environmental history

 4.00 Weather extremes in early modern England
James Bowen (Liv...

Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 `Axel Oxenstierna, archives, and political prudence, 1610-1654'
Erik Thomson (Manitoba)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 The (Re)Presentation of Fannie Lou Hamer: Race, Gender and Celebrity in the Civil Rights Movement
Stephen Robinson (York St. John University)
Room 304 17:30 Histories of the present: the 1975 European Referendum
Keith Flett

Venue: Room N304, 3rd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House


Room 246 (Senate House) 18:00 Collecting British art in Italy in the 19th century (tbc)
Marie Cambefort (Royal Holloway)

Marie Cambefort, PhD Candidate, Royal Holloway College University of London and tutor, MA in the History an...

7 June 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Conference Suite 09:00 CFP: HistoryLab Annual Postgraduate Conference

950th Anniversary of 1066: A Millennium(ish) of Immigration, Integration, and Invasion


Room 304 15:00 Commerce, Catholicism and the Irish Interest in the Restoration Empire
Gabriel Glickman (University of Cambridge)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Curating an ocean of things: the challenge of public object-centred histories of the Indian Ocean
J.D. Hill and Sarah Longair (British Museum)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Talking toleration: speech, silence and religious coexistence in early modern England
Alex Walsham (Trinity College, Cambridge)
Warburg Institute 17:30 Samuel Pepys and the Remains of Restoration Collecting
Dr. Kate Loveman (University of Leicester)

Pepys was unusually careful when it came to controlling the fate of his collections after his death. This p...

Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 Gender, Health and `Magic Mountains`: medical mission work in the Himalayan foothills c. 1900 -1950
Rosemary Seton (SOAS)
Institute of Historical Research (IHR) 18:00 Britain, the United Nations and the creation of an International Civil Service
Amy Limoncelli (Boston College, USA)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 19:00 The Miraculous in Central Medieval Irish Saints' Lives: Reuse and Reinterpretation
Sarah Waidler (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

8 June 2016

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King's College London 17:00 "Teachers, age and parenthood in England, c. 1945 to c.1979"
Dr Laura Tisdall (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford)
Room G35 (Ground Floor) 17:15 TBC
Teresa Canepa

Venue: Bloomsbury Room G35, Ground floor, South block, Senate House


9 June 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Building Henry VII's Savoy Hospital, 1505-1520
Charlotte A Stanford (Brigham Young University)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:15 "His Lands as well as Goods / Sequestered ought to be": the introduction of sequestration, 1642-3
Charlotte Young (RHUL)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 Spaces of Accommodation: Globe Trotters on the Eastern Grand Tour, 1870-1920, and Brian Wallace, Imperial Pilgrims: The Indian Rebellion and the Victorian Tourist Trail
Amy Miller: PhD student session
Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 Queen Victoria on Film
Jeffrey Richards (University of Lancaster)
Other 18:00 Anarchists and the City: Governance, Revolution and the Imagination

Carl Levy's Inaugural Lecture  Since the emergence of anarchism as an ideology and and a self-declared...

10 June 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:30 'A roundtable on Dave Beech's Art & Value'
Dave Beech, Pete Green and Marina Vishmidt



Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:30 30th Anniversary Celebration
Please join us for a celebration of the Women's History Seminar's 30th anniversary

Please note: this will start at the later time of 17:30


11 June 2016

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 No bookings


13 June 2016

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Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:15 A frog under the tongue: Folk medicine of the Eastern Ashkenaz
Marek Tuszewicki (Jagiellonian University, Kraków)

Please note: this session has been cancelled


Bristol Sounds Syncretic: Nightlife and Inter-Cultural ExchangeDr Rehan Hyder (University of the West of England)‘That Black Boy’s a Different Class!’: Race, Class and Local Football in Leicester, c.1982–2010Dr Paul Ian Campbell (University of Wolverhampton)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Cultures of Decolonization: Political Change and Student life in Nigeria
(Tim Livsey (King's College London)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Violence and Empathy: Anglo-American aircrews and civilian assistance in France, 1940-1945
Valerie Deacon (NYU)
Room 304 17:30 The Untold Story of the St Pancras House Improvement Society: More than Charismatic Leadership
Dr. Michael Passmore

Seminar and Conducted Walk

Following the presentation of his paper Dr Passmor...

14 June 2016

Venue Time Details
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 The Normal and the Pathological: Child Guidance, The New Psychology and the Pain of the Nervous Child
Leticia Fontecha (Greenwich)

Chair: Mary Clare Martin


Room 246 (Senate House) 17:15 Sensuous Objects: Writing the History of Sexuality from Ancient Art
Caspar Meyer (Birkbeck)

It is commonplace among classicists to criticize Michel Foucault’s studies of ancient sexuality for i...

15 June 2016

Venue Time Details
King's College London 17:00 "'For change' and 'against change': The long '1968', conflict and convent cultures"
Dr Carmen Mangion (Birkbeck)

Venue: K0.16 King’s Building, King’s College London, Strand, WC2R 2LS


Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Sex and the Church
Joanne Begiato (Oxford Brookes University) and William Gibson (Oxford Brookes University)

This seminar will take place at 5.30pm at the Spaghetti House, Goodge St., London W1T 2PQ. It will ...

Room 246 (Senate House) 17:15 How things shape the mind
Lambros Malafouris (Oxford)

How do things shape the mind? The extraordinary plasticity of human mind and its reciprocal openness to cre...

16 June 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Murder in St. Paul's Churchyard: Crime, Sanctuary, and Politics in 1539
Shannon McSheffrey (Concordia University)
Other 17:30 Postgraduate Seminar
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 18:00 C18 Garden Circuits: Unity and Diversity
Stephen Radley

Barrow Garden, Henfield and William Borrer, botanist
Malcolm Lader


17 June 2016

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Room 304 17:15 Fashion, Textiles and the Origins of the Industrial Revolution
John Styles (Hertfordshire)

The late Eric Hobsbawm famously remarked ‘whoever says Industrial Revolution says cotton’. Trad...

18 June 2016

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 No bookings


20 June 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Sir William Brabazon and the formation of the New English in mid-Tudor Ireland
Gerald Power (Metropolitan University Prague)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Far From the Fighting Crowd: The Portrayal of Knights Away from the Field of Battle
Belinda Guthrie (QMUL)

Opportunism or a Far-Sighted Strategy? Richard I's Conquest of Cyprus
Stephen Bennett...

21 June 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Scurvy and the Irish in early Australia
Jonathan Lamb (Vanderbilt University2)
Room 246 (Senate House) 17:15 Please note that this session has been cancelled
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Learning to be protestant in a Dublin gaol, 1640
Peter Lake (Vanderbilt)
Institute of Historical Research (IHR) 18:00 The history of the UN and its attitude towards rape in conflict
Fiona Tate (QMUL)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 19:00 Caravanserai culture: the development of desert travel in medieval Central Asia
Paul Wordsworth (Oxford)

22 June 2016

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 No bookings

23 June 2016

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Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Gadding and girding in the early modern Blackfriars
Christopher Highley (Ohio State University)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Roundtable discussion of Laura Stewart Rethinking the Scottish Revolution: Covenanted Scotland, 1637-51,
Professor Ann Hughes and Professor John Walter

Please note: this session will take please in the Wolfson Room NB02, Basement, IHR


Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 History and continuity in English education since 1800
Prof Lawrence Goldman (IHR)


Room 304 17:30 Westminster-on-Sea: The Political and Cultural Significance of Osborne House, Isle of Wight, 1845-1901
Lee Butcher



24 June 2016

Venue Time Details
Room 349 (3rd floor) 14:00 CONNECTING HISTORY, POLICY & THE PUBLIC
Andrew Blick (King’s College London), Justin Champion (Royal Holloway), Owen Davies (University of Hertfordshire) Alix Green (University of Central Lancashire), Paul Lay (History Today), Edward Madigan (Royal Holloway), Steve Poole (University of the West of England), Graham Smith (Royal Holloway), John Tosh (Roehampton), Anna Whitelock (Royal Holloway) Convened by Alix Green & Edward Madigan

Launch of History, policy & public purpose

An IHR Public History Seminar and London Centre for ...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:30 A journal for music, poetics and politics'
A special session organised by Cesura//Acceso

25 June 2016

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 No bookings


27 June 2016

Venue Time Details
Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 The Beatles and 1960s Britain
Dr Marcus Collins (University of Loughborough)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 New Perspectives in French History
Dolto and Spock:  The Ideology of Parenting in Transatlantic Historical PerspectiveRichard Bates (University of Nottingham) A Comparative Study of Working Class Housing in Nineteenth-Century France' (tbc)Will Clement (Oxford) Studying Letters Sent by French Jews to the Vichy Government: Rhetorical Strategies and Questions of SincerityFlorence Largilliere (QMUL) Entangled Sights: Histoire Croisée and PhotographyBen Partridge (Newcastle) A Brave New World: Four Women's Fight for RightsAnais Pedron (QMUL)

28 June 2016

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 No bookings

29 June 2016

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Wolfson Conference Suite 18:00 IHR Annual Fellows Lecture 2016
Dr Roger Knight

The Hundred Days and Waterloo: ‘the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life’

30 June 2016

Venue Time Details
Room 243 (Senate House) 17:15 Medieval London viewed from the waterfront
Maryanne Kowaleski (Fordham University)

This will be followed by the annual party for members of the seminar. Details TBC