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2 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:15 Judische Rundschau Sell-off
Olivier Baisez (University of Paris-8)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Unconquered Colony: British Political Thought and India, 1818-183
Kieran Hazzard (King’s College London)
Everyday Leisure in Mass Observation's Worktown, 1937-1939Dr Bob Snape (University of Bolton)

Observing the 80s: Periodization and Everyday Lives in Thatcher's Britain
Dr Lucy Rob...

Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 "Gender, Identity and Itinerancy in the Transatlantic Quaker Community: the Travels and Trials of Mary Weston, Quaker Preacher and Missionary, 1712-1766"
Naomi Pullin (University of Warwick)

3 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 'Mountains run mad': shared topographies and conflicting memories in the Dolomites
William Bainbridge (Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art)
Room 304 17:15 'The Local and the Global - Cultures of Empire in the Scottish Highlands, c. 1876-1902
Ben Thomas (IHR)

Ben has a PhD from Aberdeen and is the 2015–16  Pearsall Fellow at the Institute of Historical R...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Not Foch's Finest Hour: The Battle of Morhange, 20 August 1914
Dr Simon House
Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 Parliament ordinances and remonstrances: legislative attacks on executive authority, 1642-46
Victoria Anker (Edinburgh University)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 The National Cadaver: Wars to the Death across Spanish American Independence
Karen Racine (University of Guelph)

Abstract: Although historians have generally viewed Simón Bolívar’s explicitly-declared...

The Senate Room (Senate House, First Floor) 18:30 Blurred Lines in the History of Domestic Libraries in the Age of Dibdin's Bibliomania.
Dr. K. A. Manley (National Trust)

Not all private libraries contained Caxtons and fine bindings. The average domestic library was probably a ...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 19:00 A Venetian Merchant's World View: Marino Sanudo and Crusade Propaganda
Jacqueline Derrick (UCL)

4 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:15 From a son to a brother: George Whitefield's relationship with John Wesley, 1735-39
Dr Geordan Hammond (Aberystwyth University and Nazarene Theological College, Manchester)
American History Room (IHR) 17:15 Eighteenth-Century Naval Officers: An International Perspective
Dr Evan Wilson (Oxford)
Room 349 (3rd floor) 17:15 Democracy Before Liberalism
Josiah Ober (Stanford)

Venue: Room SH349, 3rd floor, South block, Senate House


Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Rethinking Visigothic Spain
Santiago Castellanos (Leon)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 I slept in the living room on a sofa": The Sleeping Spaces of the 19th-Century Working-Class Home
Vicky Holmes (University of Essex)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 Homesick for Yesterday: A history of the "nostalgia wave" in the 1970s and 80s
Tobias Becker (German Historical Institute, London)

All throughout the 1970s and 80s intellectuals in the United States, Britain and West Germany complained ab...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 18:00 John Coffin Memorial Lecture 2015

Albert Gallatin, Jeffersonian finance and the War of 1812

Dr Max Edling (King’s College Londo...

5 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 How to write global history in seventeenth-century Rome: thinking with 'the Dante of the Baroque, Daniello Bartoli SJ
Simon Ditchfield (York)
American History Room (IHR) 17:15 "If this be not represented, all your laws will signify nothing": politics and the lapse of licensing in 1679'
Mike Cressy (Durham)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 The Ironic Continental and The Courageous Brit: Competing Female Identities in Hollywood from 1935 to 1939
Rachel Kapelke-Dale (University College, London)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Threatening Letters: E. P. Thompson and the Service Relationship in Historical Research
Carolyn Steedman (Warwick)
Room 246 (Senate House) 17:30 Parents and policy-makers: a new agenda for history of education research
Dr Helen Proctor (University of Sydney)

For several decades now there has been broad consensus among policy-makers, school teachers and education r...

Room 304 17:30 Joint Panel: Legislating Lawlessness at Home and Abroad
God made them Evil and Bad: Cornish Lawlessness in the Fourteenth CenturySamuel Drake (Royal Holloway)

Sovereignty and Banditry in the Early-Modern and Eighteenth-Century British Empire: The Cases of To...

John S Cohen Room, 203 18:00 "She used to get lost in a book": Approaching gendered reading through two archives (Memories of Fiction and 100 Families)
Amy Tooth Murphy (Roehampton) and Shelley Trower (University of Roehampton)

6 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Room 304 17:15 The costs of a contract: how did "wages" really work in early modern London?
Judy Stephenson (LSE)

The study of wages in early modern England has been predominantly characterised to date by the collection o...

Room 103 (Senate House, first floor) 17:15 Drawing in Silver and Gold: metalpoint drawings from the Low Countries
An van Camp (Oxford)

(attendees may wish to visit the associated exhibition at the British Museum, which runs 10 September - 6 D...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 'Provincial Towns, the Defence of the Kingdom and the Growth of Government in Medieval England, 1300-1350'
Robin McCallum (Queen’s University Belfast)

7 November 2015

Venue Time Details
 No bookings


9 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 'Letters from the Low Countries 1587: Thomas Sackville, lord Buckhurst and the rhetoric of political survival'
Professor Rivkah Zim (KCL)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 `Documents, archives and transnational lobbying. The Swiss merchants in France and the defence of their interests (17th-18th centuries)'
Marco Schnyder (Geneva)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 The Sigillography of Caesarea's Frankish City Walls: A Biographical Approach
Amanda Charland (University of Glasgow)
Room 304 17:30 Politics, theatre and history
Chris Jury
Room 304 17:30 Empire and circulation: French Naturalists in the Eastern British Empire (c.1780 - c.1830)
Thérèse Bru (Universite Paris-8)

The making of the colonial ethnographer: Contextualising the scholarship of tribal ethnography in...

10 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 "This rebellion against heaven", The North-East Welsh gentry, royalism, and the Church of England, 1641-1660'
Sarah Ward (St Catherine's College, Oxford)
The Court Room (Senate House, first floor) 17:15 Material memories of travel: the albums of a Victorian Naval surgeon
Felix Driver (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Venue: Court Room, 1st floor South block Senate House


Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 Life-stories from the Blue Funnel Line (exact title TBC)
Kitrina Douglas (independent scholar)

Chair: Mary Clare Martin


John S Cohen Room, 203 17:15 Remixing Digital Archives: The Victorian Meme Machine
Bob Nicholson

History has not been kind to Victorian jokes. While the great works of nineteenth-century art and literatur...

Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 Revisiting the 'woman missionary question': a study of British Female Education Society missionaries in colonial Hong Kong (1850s-1899)
Patricia Chiu (University of Hong Kong)
Room 246 (Senate House) 18:00 Hidden in Plain Sight? The British Press and Child Sexual Abuse, c. 1918-1970s
Adrian Bingham (University of Sheffield)

This paper will examine the reporting of child sexual abuse in British national and local newspapers from t...

King's College London 18:30 The Dockrill Lecture: Managing multi-polarity the first time round: the Concert of Europe, 1814-1830
Professor Richard Langhorne (University of Buckingham) 

Please note that this event will start at 18.30 and will be held in the Edmond J Safra Lecture Theatre, Kin...

11 November 2015

Venue Time Details
IHR Computer Training Room (Senate House - North Block) 10:00 An Introduction to Web Archiving for Historians

Web archives consist of copies of web pages; many of these will have changed or disappeared since they were...

Other 12:45 Did the government lack 'common sense'? Coventry's 1957 Polio Epidemic
Gareth Millward (Centre for History in Public Health, LSHTM)

Venue: LG8, Keppel Street Building


King's College London 17:00 "Don't mention the war?"- Public opinion and the portrayal of Germany in British films and literature (1948-1957)
Dr Peter Speiser (Westminster)
Room 304 17:15 'The thought of BR Ambedkar: law, history, salvation'
Harry Dadswell (Cambridge)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:15 Northern Lights and Welsh Peasants: New Perspectives on the Late Hanoverian Clergy
Sara Slinn (University of Lincoln)

Venue: Pollard Room N301, 3rd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House


Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 German Subjectivities in the Second World War
Professor Nick Stargardt (Oxford)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 St Alban: Britain's Lost Martyr. Romano-British, Merovingian and Anglo-Saxon devotion, c.400-800
Mark Laynesmith (SAS)
John S Cohen Room, 203 17:30 Fellini's `Roma' and the depths of the past in the Eternal City
Nadia Bartolini (Open University)
Wolfson Conference Suite 18:00 History Now and Then- History as Heritage
Chair: Daniel Snowman Roger Bowdler  Robert Hewison Anna-Maria Misra Simon Thurley

The second in a new series of public seminars on current issues raised by the study of the past.

12 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 'Sex in the Maltese Position: Dr Letitia Fairfield and Catholic Attitudes to Contraception in the interwar period'
Dr Alana Harris (King's)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 Men's sociability in London alehouses, c.1660-1750
Tim Reinke-Williams (University of Northampton)
Room 304 17:30 On Disobedient Histories
Keith Jenkins (University of Chichester)
Other 17:30 The Gentle, Orderly Hedge Fund: Alfred Jonas and the New History of Capitalism
David Huyssen (York)
Room 104 (Senate House, first floor) 17:30 Forging India's Democratic Citizenship: The Preparation of the First Elections 1947-1952
Dr Ornit Shani (University of Haifa)

Venue: Torrington Room 104, 1st floor, South block, Senate House


Room G37 (Ground Floor) 17:30 Oriental narratives at the papal court: circulating knowledge about the East in Avignon and beyond
Irene Bueno (Bologna)

Venue: Bedford Room G37, Ground floor, South block, Senate House


Pollard Room (N301), IHR 18:00 Birkenhead Park: a gift to urban civilization or a contested landscape?
Robert Lee (University of Liverpool)

Venue: Pollard Room N301, 3rd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House


13 November 2015

Venue Time Details
John S Cohen Room, 203 17:15 Keep Calm and Carry On: The Public Memory of Second World War Food Rationing and Gender History in the Imperial War Museum
Kelly Spring (Manchester)

There are almost daily reminders of the Second World War in some cultural form or another in Britain, inclu...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 'Institutional Memory and the Planning of War: the Crown's archive as a resource for military strategy in the Yorkist and early Tudor periods'
Sean Cunningham (PRO)

14 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Past & Present Room, 202 14:00 Morals or Piety? French and English educational board games in the Long Eighteenth Century
Adrian Seville  (City University)

Venue: Peter Marshall Room N204, 2nd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House



16 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:15 Jewish Self-governing assemblies in Early Modern Central Europe
Henry Cohn (Warwick)
Being a Man, Being a Member: Masculinity and Belonging in Britain's Working Men's Clubs, 1945-1960Richard Hall (University of Cambridge)

‘Harmony not only on the Field of Sport but also in the Place of Work’: Company Sport a...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 The British search for the course of the Niger River: from a geographical problem to potential possession"
Alexsander Gebara (Universidade Federal Fluminense)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 The Revolution is over, long live revolution: history, science and social change in post-Commune revolutionary thought
Julia Nichols (Queen Mary, University of London)
Room 304 17:30 Witness Seminar: A Place in a Community
Mike Locke (Ex University of East London and Volunteering England)

Mike Locke reflects on his involvement in community politics in the Notting Hill/ North Kensington area of ...

The Beveridge Hall (Senate House, ground floor) 18:00 NZ-UK Link Foundation Annual Lecture 2015
Dr Jenny R Macleod, University of Hull

Remembering Gallipoli in New Zealand and beyond

Dr Jenny Macleod, University o...

Room 243 (Senate House) 18:00 The Princesse de Lamballe
Sophie North (MA)

After a career in the newspaper business, including the Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times, Sophi...

17 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Making places, knowing lives: Joseph Banks learns Australia, 1770-1810
Jordan Goodman (UCL)
Room 304 17:15 'Liber homo fuit: Landscape and landholding in pre-Conquest Staffordshire'
Andrew Sargent

Andrew studied Astrophysics at the University of Leicester, gained a First Class MA in European Historical ...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 The Politics and Strategy of the American Expeditionary Force's Tactics in 1918
Bryon Smith (King’s College London)


Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 Popular Understandings of Politics: Perspectives from Mass Observation, 1945-1951
Jonathan Moss and Gerry Stoker (Southampton University)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 Unthinking the Canon: Latin America and the History of Historiography
Mark Thurner (ILAS)

Abstract: In the late eighteenth century Peruvian intellectuals complained in print that their history &ldq...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 19:00 Violence and courts in northwestern France, c.1050 to c.1150
Matt McHaffie (KCL)

18 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Other 12:45 Screening the National Health Service: Approaching a Cultural History through Moving Pictures
Jane Hand (University of Warwick)

Venue: Jerry Morris B, Tavistock Place


Durning-Lawrence Room, Senate House Library 16:00 Senate House Library Friends (SHeLF) AGM
Professor Jane Winters (Professor of Digital History and Head of Publications at the Institute of Historical Research) Jonathan Blaney (Project Editor, British History Online) Sarah Milligan (Publishing Manager, British History Online)    

Here in the Library, we are excited to be getting ready for the AGM of the Senate House Library Friends (SH...

Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 `These weapons can never be the arms of other than wealthy and intelligent nations': The Mitrailleur and Small War doctrine in British military culture, 1869-1875.
Ryan Patterson (PhD student, Exeter)

Venue: Peter Marshall ROom N204, 2nd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House


Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:15 The "modern girl" and Catholic religious life, 1940-1970
Dr Carmen Mangion (Birkbeck)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:15 The Formation of Representation as a Political Virtue (and the Invention of Liberal Democracy.)
John Wallach (CUNY)

Venue: Pollard Room N301, 3rd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House


Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Peace, Violence, and Christian Empire: The Salian Campaigns in Hungary
Erik Niblaeus (Durham)

Venue: Torrington Room 104, 1st floor, South block, Senate House


Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 Cabinet of Curiosities: Using Museums to Challenge Disablism
Jocelyn Dodd (University of Leicester)

The rich and diverse collections museums hold, display and interpret, give us a sense of what society value...

Wolfson Conference Suite 18:00 The World at War: Revealing a Hidden History
Taylor Downing

A lecture on the famous 26-part ITV series of the 1970s, The World at War, to be followed by the s...

19 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 `A chain around my neck`: Venetian mortgage and annuity disputes in comparative perspective
James Shaw (Sheffield)
American History Room (IHR) 17:15 "I was no master of this work, but a servant to it"? William Laud, Charles I and the making of Scottish ecclesiastical policy, 1634-6'
Leonie James (Kent)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Gender, property and absentee slave--- ownership
Hannah Young (UCL)

Slave--‐Ownership, Fortune and Status: the Dawkins’ in Jamaica and England, 1760--‐1833

Room 304 17:30 The Disruption of 'Normality': Life Inside Wartime Mental Hospitals, 1939 -1945
Hazel Croft (Birkbeck College)


Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 'The Star as Icon - Sean Connery'
Andrew Spicer (University of the West of England)

20 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Other 17:00 Ideological Struggles and Survival Strategies: What the Second World War in Yugoslavia Tells Us about European History
Xavier Bougarel (Paris)

Chair: Dejan Djokic

In collaboration with Goldsmiths Centre for the Study of the ...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Nature bites back: world upside-down images with a hunting theme in the early modern Netherlands
Thomas Balfe (Courtauld)
Room 304 17:15 Contaminated empires. The transnational foundations of the British transatlantic slave trade
Alejandro García-Montón Ph.D in History and Civilization (European University Institute)

“Contaminated Empires: The Transnational Foundations of British Transatlantic Slave Trade”

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 "This Detestable Clause": the formula non obstante and the governance of England in the reign of Henry III'
Lucy Hennings (Exeter College, Oxford)

21 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Senate House 10:00 Revealing local history

his event is part of Being Human: a festival ...


23 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Room 246 (Senate House) 17:15 'Diplomacy and Drama Abroad? Queen Anna's Family and her Players in England and Europe'
Dr Eva Griffith (Independent scholar)

Venue: Room SH246, 2nd floor, South block, Senate House


Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 "According to His Good Pleasure': Francis, Turretin and the Predestination Debates of 17th-Century Geneva"
Nick Cumming (KCL)
Room 104 (Senate House, first floor) 17:15 The Challenges of Eyewitness
A workshop to be led by Marcus Bull (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Please note that this seminar has been relocated to the Torrington Room (Room 104) Senate House, So...

Room 304 17:30 Terrorists or Resistance Fighters? The problem of Anti-colonialism and the Geneva Conventions 1947-1949
Boyd Van Dijk (European University Institute (EUI) Florence)

Patriots, rebels or land-pirates? The role international law in the foreign intervention in the Tai...

Room 304 17:30 'My longing desire to go to sea': wanderlust and wayward youth in early modern England
Sue Jones 
Other 18:00 The court of the last Tsar, 1896-1917
Virginia Rounding (Independent scholar)

24 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 'The King James Bible: crown, bishops and people'
Kenneth Fincham (Kent)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Drawing and Photography in the History of Astronomy
Omar W. Nasim (University of Kent)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 Thinking with the Bible: Childlessness in Carolingian Europe
Zubin Mistry (Edinburgh)

Chair: Catherine Rose


Room 304 17:45 The Micro-museums Archives Project
Fiona Candlin (Birkbeck)
Institute of Historical Research (IHR) 18:00 J Edgar Hoover, the FBI and the religious Cold War
Dr Dianne Kirby (Ulster, Coleraine)

25 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Other 12:45 Limpsy's Ladies' Pub': Unmasking Secret Drinking in Victorian England
Jennifer Wallis (St Anne’s College, University of Oxford)

Venue: LG8, Keppel Street Building


King's College London 17:00 The BBC Charter Renewal of 1947: Religious Liberty, Diversity and Experiments with "Controversy"
Hannah Elias (McMaster University)
IALS 17:15 Showcasing New Postgraduate Talent - Lightning Talks

Venue: IALS Council Chamber, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Charles Clore House, 17 Rus...

Other 17:30 Prince Albert's Views and Activities with Respect to German politics
Dr John Davis (Kingston)

Please not that this seminar will take place at the German Historical Institute London.

Other 17:30 Senate House Founders day, no seminar
Other 17:30 Civic identity and 'the Octopus': historical pageants on the border of interwar London
Tom Hulme (CMH/IHR)

*Please note that this seminar will take place in Room 113, 26 Bedford Way, UCL (north from Russell Square ...

Other 17:30 Italian Fascism's Empire Cinema (Indiana University Press, 2015)
Book launch and discussion of: Ruth Ben-Ghiat (New York University)

Discussants: Christopher Duggan (Reading) and Bob Lumley (UCL Centre for Italian Studies) ...

Room 304 18:00 "Beyond Utopia: Thomas More as Political Thinker"
Joanne Paul (NCH)

Please note: that this seminar will be held at 6pm in the Drawing Room, New College of the Humaniti...

26 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 E.E. Fournier d'Albe and intellectual pluralism in the early twentieth century
PhD student session with Ian Stewart (LSE)

I will resign if suffrage sex wars come into it': Suffrage tensions in the Women's Guild of Arts, c...

Room 304 17:30 Enlightenment or Modernity: The Question of Historical Continuity
Martin Davies (University of Leicester)
Other 17:30 Hannah Arendt on History
Richard King (Emeritus Professor in American and Canadian Studies, University of Nottingham)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Papal overlordship and protectio of the king
Benedict Wiedemann (PhD, UCL)

Dhwani Patel (Postdoc, KCL)
Senators and Symbolic Communication in Late Medieval Rome...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 18:00 Homo Ludens in the Landscape: English forests and other hunting grounds
Dr. John Langton (University of Oxford)   
Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre - SOAS 19:15 Japan in the Western Imagination: A Voyage of Ideas into the Past
Prof Naoko Shimazu (Birkbeck) will be giving the 2015 W.G. Beasley Memorial Lecture

Venue: at the Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, Brunei Gallery, SOAS, from 7.15pm


27 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Senate House 10:00 History Libraries & Research open day

A one-day programme ideal for postgraduate students and early career researchers.


John S Cohen Room, 203 17:15 'I'm not really political, but...:' Women's Political Subjectivity in Postwar Britain
Eve Worth (Oxford)

This paper uses the oral history interviews conducted for my DPhil thesis as the evidence base to explore w...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 'Rethinking political life and "state formation" in the western Holy Roman Empire and the Burgundian Low Countries, c. 1350-1520'
Duncan Hardy (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:30 Adorno's Dream: Interpretation after Auschwitz
Jacob Bard Rosenberg (Birkbeck)

28 November 2015

Venue Time Details
 No bookings


30 November 2015

Venue Time Details
Village Halls, Leisure and Community in Early Twentieth-Century EnglandJeremy Burchardt (University of Reading)

Not for Sale: Rural Handicrafts in Interwar England
Alice Kirke (University College L...

Room G37 (Ground Floor) 17:15 Politics and Ethics of the Decolonial Idea: from Jamaica to Paris and back (via Cheshire)."
Stephen Howe (University of Bristol)
Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:30 Moses Mendelssohn on Hebrew as a language of action
Avi Lifschitz (UCL)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:30 A roundtable discussion of Robert D. Priest's 'The Gospel according to Renan: Reading, Writing, and Religion in Nineteenth-Century France'
Robert D. Priest (Royal Holloway) with responses from Ruth Harris (Oxford) and Jeremy Jennings (King's College London)

Venue: Pollard Room N301, 3rd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House


Room 304 17:30 I never wanted to participate in a charity: Women's relationship to voluntary work within the UK Women's Liberation Movement
Dr Bridget Lockyer (Canterbury Christ Church University)

This seminar considers the voluntary work carried out by women in the Women’s Liberation Movement (WL...

Wolfson Conference Suite 18:00 Creighton Lecture 2015
Professor Margaret MacMillan (University of Oxford)

The Outbreak of the First World War: Why the debate goes on