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1 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:15 Consumption in Mandate Palestine
Hizky Shoham (Bar Ilan University)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 The 1970s. Beginning or End? Common wealth Business, Britain and the Common Market
Andrew Dilley (Aberdeen)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 "Not for Women Only': Representations of Race and Gender in the Commerce and Culture of the Black Haircare Industry"
Carina Spaulding
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Transforming the Radical Right in France and North Africa: Gender, Race, and Religion in the Croix de Feu and Parti Social Français, 1927-1945
Caroline Campbell (University of North Dakota)

2 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Art for Art's Sake? Commemorating the War at Sea, 1914-45
Christine Riding (Royal Museums Greenwich)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 Who was then the "second patriarch"? Gendering the eldest brother in Georgian England
Tul Israngura (Chulalongkorn)

Chair: Tim Reinke-Williams


Room 246 (Senate House) 17:15 Political Meetings Mapper with British Library Labs: mapping the origins of British democratic movements with text-mining, NLP, geo-parsing and crowd-sourcing
Katrina Navickas

Political Meetings Mapper ( was one of the two winning entries to the ...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Jordan's Arab Legion and the 1948-49 Arab-Israeli War: An Operational Assessment
Professor Matthew Hughes (Brunel University)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 Dublin, Westminster, and appellate jurisdiction in early modern Ireland
Coleman Dennehy (University College, Dublin)
Warburg Institute 17:30 The Library of Cardinal Richelieu: an Ongoing Study of his Manuscripts. Detals TBC.
François Bougard (Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes, CNRS, Paris)

Venue: Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London, WC1H 0AB


Room 304 17:45 Radical Archives
Iain Boal and Riley Linebaugh

A discussion on 'radical archives' with two examples at the heart: The Labadie Collection at the University...

Institute of Historical Research (IHR) 18:00 War Short of War: The United States and Political Warfare at the Outset of "Cold" War
Dr Kaetan Mistry (UEA)

3 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Other 12:45 Bludgeoned into Accepting What is Good for Us: Fear, Risk, Fluoridation and the Home in Post-War Britain
Glen O’Hara (Oxford Brookes University)

Venue:  Jerry Morris A, Tavistock Place 


Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Cultures of Settlement, 1660-1780
Naomi Tadmor (University of Lancaster)
Room 304 17:15 Tocqueville's Conception of Popular Sovereignty: 'Democracy in America' in the Context of the July Monarchy'
Giulia Oskian (QMUL)
John S Cohen Room, 203 17:30 The City as Phoenix: ruination and recovery in 20th-century Tokyo
Mark Pendleton (Sheffield)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 The Colonial Home in sub-Saharan Africa: an Entangled History
Britta Schilling (University of Utrecht)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 The personal heritage research environment in the 21st century
Dr Nick Barratt (Author, historian and consultant for BBC 'Who Do You think You Are)

Drawing upon case studies and examples, Dr Barratt will explore changing approaches to personal heritage &n...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Trust me, I'm a doctor. Shaping medical identity in early medieval charters, AD 800-1000
Luca Larpi (Manchester)
Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:30 Judenexerzieren: The Role of 'Sport' for Constructions of Race, Body and Gender in the Early Concentration Camps, 1933-1934
Kim Wünschmann (University of Sussex)

Venue: Professor Olga Crisp Room N102, IHR, 1st floor, North block, Senate House


4 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 European Court and State Manufactures in the Early Modern Period: The Italian Model
Luca Molà (EUI)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 Thinking about Conservatism, 1885-1914
Dr Emily Jones (Cambridge)
Other 17:30 It Sends Its Bloodhounds Everywhere: The Evolution of the CIA's Lethal Drone Program
Christopher Fuller (Southampton)
Room 243 (Senate House) 17:30 Movement Control and Military Adaptation in Late Colonial South Asia
Dr Michael Charney (School of Oriental and African Studies)
Room 304 17:30 The Past in Print: History and the Print Media in Early Nineteenth-Century English Architectural Topography
Stephen Bann  (University of Bristol)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 18:00 What is a native?
Panel Discussion, Letta Jones, lecturer in horticulture and garden history, Green Flag & Heritage Awards judge Peter Sibley,  ecologist, educator, former parks manager, Green Flag and Heritage Awards judgeStephen Smith gardener, garden conservator, historian and educator

‘Are current notions privileging native plant species, combined with an increasingly ecological appro...

5 February 2016

Venue Time Details
John S Cohen Room, 203 17:15 Women and Work in Provincial English Towns: 1851-1911
Amanda Wilkinson (Essex)

This seminar has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date


Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:30 Landscapes of Non-Capitalism: Historicising the Distinctiveness of Soviet Architecture
Owen Hatherley

Please Note, This seminar has been cancelled


Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Jack of Hilton - The Strange History of a Medieval Hearth Blower
Anthony Gross

6 February 2016

Venue Time Details
 No bookings


8 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 `Women as rulers, royals, and affines: a global comparison'
Jeroen Duindam (Leiden)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Postgraduate forum

Transmitting the Excommunication of Elizabeth I: Distribution, Communication, and Awareness of Regnans in E...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Gendering the Poetry of the Anti-Frankish Jihad
Osman Latiff (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Room 304 17:30 The Politics of Public Space in Nineteenth Century England
Katrina Navickas
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:30 Nationalizing Empires, Nationalizing Muslims: Islam and the Imperial Nation-State in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Gavin Murray-Miller (Cardiff University)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop


9 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Room 304 17:15 Such obscene language and practices, as no woman ought to witness: vice and moral reform in eighteenth-century St Clement Danes
Francis Calvert Boorman

Francis has a PhD from the IHR and has been helping to write the forthcoming VCH short about St Clement Dan...

Room 246 (Senate House) 17:15 Life writings and sexual sciences: writing the queer self in early 20th-century Germany and Austria
Ina Linge (University of Cambridge)

This paper will explore the crucial yet largely overlooked literary dimensions of sexological and psychoana...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 From the winds of the Bay of Bengal: knowledge, empire and self
Sujit Sivasundaram (Cambridge)
Other 17:30 Meretricious musick and tossing of tennis balles: why did the Puritans find it so hard to argue their case at Hampton Court in 1604?
Mark Byford (London)

Joint Meeting with the Friends of Lambeth Palace Library in the Great Hall at Lambeth Palace, Lond...

Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 The most improbable Diocese of the Anglican Communion: Mission, Church and Revolution in Lebombo, Mozambique, 1961-76
John Stuart (Kingston University)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 (Trans)Nationalism: Migrant and Diasporic Radicalism in Early Cold War Latin America
Bill Booth (UCL)

This paper will examine the interaction between internationalist leftism, transnational activism and progre...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 19:00 'In extremo Europae': the Genoese colonies in Crimea before and after 1453
Serena Ferente (KCL)

10 February 2016

Venue Time Details
King's College London 17:00 John Christie, John Maynard Keynes and the National Council of Music - 1938-44
Howard Webber (KCL)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:15 Re-staging Mafeking in Muswell Hill: Patriotism, Imperialism, Militarism and Philanthropy in London's Boer War Carnivals'.
Dion Georgiou (PhD student, QMUL)
Room G22 (Ground Floor) 17:15 John Locke and the Problem of Money: Politics, Economics and the Recoinage Crisis in the 1690s
Daniel Carey (NUI Galway)

Venue: Woburn Room G22, Ground floor, South block, Senate House


Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:15 "This is your hour": crisis, cultural renewal and a Christian intellectual circle in Britain, 1937-1949
Dr John C. Wood (Leibniz Institute of European History, Mainz)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 The Komnenian emperors: a Latinophile dynasty?
Alex Rodriguez Suarez (Koç)
Wolfson Conference Suite 18:00 History Now and Then- Pictures of the Past
Chair: Daniel Snowman Vic Gatrell Simon Goldhill Marion Kant Simon Shaw-Miller

The fifth in a new series of public seminars on current issues raised by the study of the past.

Past & Present Room, 202 19:30 Conceptualising the Italian South
  1. Alessandro de Arcangelis (UCL) Hegelian networks and transnational connections: revising the intellectual history of Naples, 1815-61 2. Maria Christina Marchi (St Andrews) The Savoia and the South: Cultural Reinvention in Post-Risorgimento Italy   Chair: Maurizio Isabella

11 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:15 When is a skimmington not a skimmington? The shaming of the vicar of Waterbeach, 1602
Brian Weiser (Metropolitan State College of Denver)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 Starlings of the Screen: Media Celebrity, Consumer Culture and 'Star Search' Contests in 1920s Britain
Chris O’Rourke (University College, London)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:30 Insolita sed grata: Making Time Musical, 1321 - c. 1500
Matthew Champion (St Catz, Cambridge)
Room 304 17:30 Reading Persian in Britain and India, 1790-1810
Zahra Shah
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 'The Business of Humanity: Britain and the Rise of Global Humanitarianism'
Tehila Sasson (IHR)

12 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Designing markets for gambling in the fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Low Countries: the case of lotteries
Jeroen Puttevils (Antwerp)
Room 304 17:15 Credibility or necessity? Supply and demand-based interpretations of the creation (or not) of long-term public debts in the Middle Ages
Tony Moore (Reading)

An implicit assumption in much of the recent literature about the origins of long-term public debt is that ...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Preventing the Plague: an early example of English Quarantine measures at St. George's, Windsor Castle
Euan Roger (RHUL)

13 February 2016

Venue Time Details
 No bookings


15 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 The long 1970s: the endgame of decolonisation and the reconstitution of Imperialism
Richard Drayton (King's College London)

Dr Brad Beaven (University of Portsmouth) From Jolly Sailor t...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 The Return of Alsace to France in 1918
Alison Carrol (Brunel)
Room 304 17:30 Humanities activists and humanitarian aid in the First World War: G.M. Trevelyan, the British Red Cross and the Italian wounded
Marcella Sutcliffe (University of Cambridge)

In 1915, as Italy entered the war on the side of the Allies, a group of British humanities scholars formed ...

Room 104 (Senate House, first floor) 18:00 Howarth will speak to us on Lady Dorothy Nevill's Collection
Caroline McCaffrey (University of Leeds)

Caroline is a AHRC-funded PhD candidate and White Rose Scholar at the University of Leeds researching the '...

16 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 A most active, enterprising officer: Captain John Perkins, the Royal Navy and the boundaries of slavery and liberty in the Caribbean
Douglas Hamilton (University of Winchester)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 'Putting “mother” into “smother”: paediatrics and Munchausen in court’
Chris Millard (QMUL)

Chair:Catherine Rose



Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Crown Prince Rupprecht and the German Army on the Western Front, 1914-18
Dr Jonathan Boff (Birmingham University)
Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 'United under one roof, though separated by different arches and mouldings': representing the Union in the Central Lobby mosaics, 1847-1924
James Ford (University of Nottingham)
Institute of Historical Research (IHR) 18:00 Anglo-American relations in the Kennedy Era
Toshi Aono (LSE)

17 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 The Jacobites in 1715 - Reconsidering the Battle of Preston
Jonathan Oates (London Borough of Ealing Archives)

The Jacobites and International Intrigue, 1708-59

Ralph Thompson (National Arch...

Room 304 17:15 James Beattie's Essay on Truth (1770), the Coherence of the Common Sense School and the Aberdeen Enlightenment
Robin Mills (KCL)
John S Cohen Room, 203 17:30 Only a local affair'? Local identities and communities in London's Boer War Carnivals of 1900
Dion Giorgiou (QMUL)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 German Protestant Nationalism during the Second World War
Dr Thomas Brodie (Oxford University)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Does the study of Byzantium before 1200 have anything to gain from global history?
Catherine Holmes (Oxford)

18 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Some further light on Benjamin Kohl's account of the fall of the Carrara
John Law (Swansea)
Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:15 1. "Imperial Pilgrims" 2. "The 'cultural afterlife' of murder"
  Imperial Pilgrims: The Indian Rebellion and the Victorian Tourist Trail PhD session with Brian Wallace (King's)                                                                  and The 'cultural afterlife' of murder: cases, places and spaces in twentieth-century London Alexa Neale (Sussex)  
Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 The affective economy of social relations in early modern England
Hillary Taylor (Yale University)
Other 17:30 Syndicates, Chains, and the Nationalizing of U.S. Newspapers, 1880-1930
Julia Guarneri (Cambridge)
Room 104 (First Floor) and Room 243 (Second Floor) 17:30 TBA
Prof. Laura Marcus (Oxford)

Venue: Senate House, South block, 1st floor, Torrington Room 104


Room 243 (Senate House) 17:30 Endorsed by western privilege: modelling imperial power in Western Indian Ocean commerce
Dr Rebecca Darley (Birkbeck University of London)

The first historians and archaeologists to approach the subject of the Western Indian Ocean's ancient...

Room 304 17:30 Is there such a thing as the History of Science outside the History of Science?
Jamie Melrose (University of Bristol)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 18:00 The Tuberose: the history of its arrival in Europe
Dr Sally Jeffery and Catherine Davis (Independent Scholars)

19 February 2016

Venue Time Details
John S Cohen Room, 203 17:15 Battered but not Broken: Women's Resistance to Marital Violence in Post-Independence Ireland, 1922-1970
Cara Diver (KCL)

In the years following Irish independence, abused wives had little hope to escape their violent marriages: ...

Room 246 (Senate House) 17:15 Pride of Place: England's LGBTQ Heritage
Rosie Sherrington (Historic England), Alison Oram (Leeds Beckett University), Justin Bengry (Birkbeck, University of London and Leeds Beckett University)

‘Pride of Place: England's LGBTQ Heritage’ is a collaborative initiative between Leeds Beckett ...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:30 Capitalism, Colonialism & Silver Harun Farocki, The Silver & the Cross 17 mins
Kodwo Eshun (Goldsmiths) &Juan Grigera (UCL)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 Reflections on a Roman Rubbish Dump: Medieval Perceptions of Monte Testaccio
Lucy Donkin (Bristol)

20 February 2016

Venue Time Details
 No bookings


22 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Past & Present Room, 202 17:15 `Time, history and memory in later Lutheran culture'
Kat Hill (UEA)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Star Chamber Elizabeth: some early results from the listing project
Helen Good (Hull)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 From 'Abandoned Place' to 'Vision of Peace': Representations of Jerusalem in Troubadour Lyric, 1150-1300
Lauren Mulholland (Queen Mary University of London)
Room 304 17:30 Paris at War, 1939-1944
David Drake
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:30 The colonial lens in New Zealand: refocusing and reframing colonial-era photographs (1860s-1914) of Maori (the indigenous Polynesian people of NZ) and their taonga/cultural treasures in British museums
Natasha Barrett (University of Leicester)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop


23 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Room 304 15:00 On the Uses and Abuses of the East India Company's History for Life
Philip Stern (Duke University)
Room 304 17:15 Contrasting communities: open and closed parishes revisited
Dr Kate Tiller

Kate is Chair of the Oxfordshire VCH Trust. Her academic fields are British social and local history, with ...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Piratical states: British imperialism in the Indian Ocean world
Simon Layton (QMUL)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:15 Laud and Scotland
Leonie James (Kent)


Peter Marshall Room, 204 17:30 New Considerations behind the Fiscal Failure of the First Mexican Republic, 1824-1837
Luis Jauregui (Instituto Mora, Mexico)

In the last four decades much has been written about the evolution and failure of the First Mexican Republi...

Wolfson Room I (NB01) 19:00 Summary justice in a church: the murder of Laurence Duket at St Mary-le-Bow in 1284
Kenneth Duggan (KCL)

24 February 2016

Venue Time Details
King's College London 17:00 Women, work and selfhood in postwar Britain
Eve Worth (Oxford)
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:15 Exploring the trenches: Ethnographic encounters with tourists on the Western Front battlefields.
Dr Jennifer Iles (Roehampton)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 John of Salisbury: Literal Historia, the 'Presentness,1 of the Past, and the Logical Method of the Historian Reconstructing Timeless Probable Truths
Janet Coleman (LSE)
Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:15 Henry Hart Milman's History of Latin Christianity
Joshua Bennett (Oxford)
Room G37 (Ground Floor) 17:30 Ideology and the death drive in the art of Adrian
Kirsten Haywood (University of East Anglia)

 Venue: Bedford Room G37, Ground floor, South block, Senate House


Other 17:30 No Seminar
Reading week
Room 304 17:30 Red Lights on the Black Sea: the Traffic in Women and the Production of Imperial Russia's Southern Border
Philippa Hetherington (UCL)

Une association mondiale de trafiquants’: Le Havre and the Politics of Trafficking, 1919&ndas...

Past & Present Room, 202 17:30 Book Launch
Enrico dal Lago (NUI Galway)The Age of Lincoln and Cavour: Comparative Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century American and Italian Nation-Building. New York: Palgrave, 2015and William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini: Abolition, Democracy, and Radical Reform. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2013Discussants: Eugenio Biagini (Cambridge) Nico Pizzolato (Middlesex)Chair: Axel Körner
Other 19:30 No Seminar
Reading week

25 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Pollard Room (N301), IHR 17:15 Distinguished guests and Stuart foreign policy relations: the Duchesse de Chevreuse and Marie de Medicis at the Court of Charles I, 1638-1641
Sara Wolfson (Canterbury Christchurch)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:30 Access to justice: villagers in the royal courts in the fourteenth century
Chris Briggs (Cambridge)
Room 304 17:30 The Church of England, Anglican Protestantism, and Colonial Society in Later Stuart Barbados
Philip Abraham (King’s College London)
Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 'Writing biographies of social and religious reformers between Britain and Bengal'
Clare Midgley (Sheffield Hallam) and John Stevens (SOAS)

26 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Room 304 17:15 Disciplining credit: the civic model of public pawnshops in early modern Italy
Mauro Carboni (Bologna)

Pawnshops were the most common and adaptable credit institutions for short-term, consumption-oriented loans...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 The Fitzherberts of Norbury: War and Peace in the Fifteenth Century
Matthew Ward (Nottingham)

27 February 2016

Venue Time Details
 No bookings


29 February 2016

Venue Time Details
Olga Crisp Room, 102 17:15 Christian philosemitism in London, 1810-1850
Rodney Curtis (IHR)
Wolfson Room I (NB01) 17:15 Last Hopes: the Portuguese Revolution and the crisis of the left in the 1970s
Pedro Ramos Pinto (Cambridge)

Dr Kathryn Walchester (Liverpool John Moores University) Work...

Wolfson Room II (NB02) 17:30 We are Ourselves: Theatre and the Politics of Decentralisation in the Lille Municipal Council, 1881-1911.
Harry Stopes (UCL)