Imperial and World History

Venue: Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR, North block, Senate House

Time: Monday 17:15

Convenors: Richard Drayton (KCL), Jen Altehenger (KCL), Toby Green (KCL), Simon Layton (QMUL), David Motadel (LSE), Tamson Pietsch (Brunel), Sarah Stockwell (KCL), Gagan Sood (LSE), John Stuart (Kingston), David Todd (KCL), Jon Wilson (KCL)

Autumn Term 2017
DateSeminar details
9 October
Backing Little Britain: The Distempers of Empire’s End
Stuart Ward (Copenhagen)
IHR Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR

23 October
'Funk Money': Decolonization and the Expansion of Tax Havens, 1950s-1960s
Vanessa Ogle (University of California, Berkeley)
IHR Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR

6 November
Repatriation: A history of the ethical and legal claims made by Mexico for the return of Montezuma’s Crown from Vienna
Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll (Birmingham)
IHR Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR

20 November
'Losing an empire and winning friends'? Sandhurst and British decolonization
Sarah Stockwell (KCL)
IHR Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR

4 December
A Roundtable on Mark Condos, The Insecurity State: Punjab and the Making of British Imperial Power in India (Cambridge, 2017)
Jon Wilson (KCL), Kim Wagner (QMUL), Taylor Sherman (LSE), Mark Condos (QMUL)
the Royal Asiatic Society, 14 Stephenson Way, Kings Cross, London NW1 2HD