Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy

Venue: Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR, North block, Senate House

Time: Thursday 17.15

Convenors: Trevor Dean (Roehampton), Kate Lowe(Queen Mary), Serena Ferente (KCL)

Autumn Term 2017
DateSeminar details
12 October
After the fall: the Genoese diaspora in the Black Sea in the fifteenth century
Serena Ferente (KCL)
IHR Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR

26 October
Per cupidigia alle rapine ed ai ladronecci? Brigandage by Balkan émigrés in the Italian South (15th-18th c.)
Nada Zečević (RHUL)
IHR Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR

23 November
Research clinic. Bring a research problem, big or small, for the seminar to discuss (and solve?)
IHR Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR

7 December
Did Cardinal Riario reject Michelangelo’s Bacchus?
Kathleen Christian (OU)
Room 243, Second Floor