Marxism in Culture

Venue: Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR, North block, Senate House

Time: Friday 17:30

Convenors: Matthew Beaumont, Dave Beech, Alan Bradshaw, Warren Carter, Gail Day, Steve Edwards, Larne Abse Gogarty, Esther Leslie, Luisa Lorenza Corna, David Mabb, Antigoni Memou, Andy Murray, Nina Power, Dominic Rahtz, Pete Smith, Peter Thomas, Alberto Toscano, Marina Vishmidt

Autumn Term 2017
DateSeminar details
20 October
Afterlives of October 1917. Three short presentations look at some cultural afterlives of Russia’s October 1917 Revolution. Warren Carter presents ‘Somewhere between Moscow and Mexico City: The Avant-Garde and Social Realism on the Tenth Anniversary of the Russian Revolution’. Gail Day presents ‘Eve
Warren Carter (Open University), Gail Day (University of Leeds), David Mabb (Goldsmiths, University of London)
IHR Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR

3 November
Naturalism and the Decline of Deference: The Politics of Style in British Landscape Painting, c.1805-25
Andrew Hemingway
IHR Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR

17 November
Regarding Contemporary Events in USA From a Queer/Feminist Perspective (TBC)
Holly Lewis
IHR Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR