North American History

Venue: North American History Room, 2nd Floor, IHR, North Block, Senate House

Time: Thursdays 17:30

Convenors: Uta Balbier (KCL), Jonathan Bell (UCL),  Patrick Doyle (RHUL), Joanna Cohen (QMUL), Max Edling (KCL), Daniel Matlin (KCL), Erik Mathisen (QMUL), Angel-Luke O'Donnel (KCL), Iwan Morgan (UCL), Kendrick Oliver (Southampton), Daniel Peart (QMUL), David Sim (UCL), Joshua Simon (KCL), Adam Smith (UCL), Nick Witham (UCL)

Summer Term 2018
DateSeminar details
10 May
Race, Reconstruction, and the Invention of the 'Superstitious Negro'
David Cox (University of Southampton)
IHR North American History Room

24 May
‘American Democracy at the Scopes Trial’
Tom Arnold-Forster (University of Cambridge)
IHR North American History Room

7 June
‘Democracy National’: Jacksonian nationalism during the sectional crisis, 1854-61
Mark Power Smith (University College London)
IHR North American History Room