History seminars at the IHR

American history

Convenors: Dr Uta Balbier (KCL), Prof Jonathan Bell (UCL), Dr Joanna Cohen (QMUL), Dr Patrick Doyle (RHUL), Dr Max Edling (KCL), Dr Alex Goodall (UCL), Dr Erik Mathisen (QMUL), Dr Daniel Matlin (KCL), Prof Iwan Morgan (UCL), Dr Kendrick Oliver (Southampton), Dr Daniel Peart (QMUL), Dr David Sim (UCL), Dr Joshua Simon (KCL), Dr Adam Smith (UCL)

For enquiries relating to this seminar please contact Erik Mathisen: e.mathisen@qmul.ac.uk

Venue: John S Cohen Room 203, 2nd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House unless otherwise stated

Time: Thursday, 5.30pm

Spring Term 2015
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16 January IHR Workshop in Early American History


Registration, Tea and Coffee (IHR Wolfson Conference Suite, Room NB01, 9:00-9:30)


Welcome and tour of the IHR North American Collections Room (9:30-10:00)


Panel 1 (Room NB01, 10:00-11:15): re-imagining early America and the British Atlantic World

Benjamin Bankhurst (SAS/IHR): “Ireland and Irish America within the Scottish Atlantic: a re-evaluation”.

Nicolas Cole (Oxford): “Re-imagining the Constitutional Convention”. 


Panel 2 (Room NB01, 11:15-12:15): The Junto and early American resources online

Rachel Herrmann (Southhampton) and Tom Cutterham (Oxford): “The Junto, the Early American Blogosphere, and REFable Impact”.


Lunch (Room NB01, 12:15-1:00):


Panel 3 (Room NB01, 1:00-2:15): borderlands and the expansion of slavery

Kathryn Olivarius (Oxford): "From 'People with Slaves' to a 'Slave Society': The Impact of Ecology, Disease, and Death in Old Southwest, 1803 to 1835".

Mandy Izadi (Oxford): “Space and Sovereignty in the Patriot War: 1812-1814”.


Panel 4 (Room NB01, 2:15-3:30): North America, Africa and the Caribbean

Philip Abrahams (KCL): "Record making, record keeping and colonial society in seventeenth century Barbados".

Bronwen Everill (KCL): “Free Labour and Legitimate Commerce: American African Commercial Networks after the Slave Trade”.


Tea and Coffee (3:30-4:00)

Plenary Session (4:00-4:30): the state of Early American Studies in Britain

London, with its unique colonial archival resources and lively research student populati­­on, is one of the leading centres of early American scholarship in Europe. In January 2015 the IHR library will open its new North American room, a space housing one of the foremost UK collections of published material relating to the early history of the United States and Canada.

To celebrate, the IHR is hosting a day-long workshop for early career academics working on any facet of American or Atlantic history from the seventeenth century to the early national period. Three panels of speakers from universities across England will discuss their research as well as key themes and issues emerging in the field. The day will end with a final round-table discussion focussing on the historiographical and methodological, as well as historical themes that emerged in the panels. The aim of the day is to allow researchers to discuss their ideas among their peers and, where appropriate, to assess the current state of early American research in Britain.

Registration: £10 (students) £20 (general admission)

Register at the University of London online store or by contacting benjamin.bankhurst@sas.ac.uk 

22 January Problems of Modern Democracy: Henry James and the Genteel Tradition

Emily Coit (Oxford)

5 February The Underground Slave Trade? Understanding the Phenomenon of Slave Stealing

Laura Sandy (Keele)

19 February Privacy and Community: Urban Panning for Mental Health in the American Metropolis, c. 1940-60

Ed Ramsden (QMUL)


The Rebuilding of the South Bronx in the Late-Twentieth Century
Themis Chronopoulos (UEA)

5 March The Ideological Origins of the 20th-Century American Peace Movement

Marc Palen (Exeter)

19 March The Popular Historians: Writing and Reading the American Past, 1947-1980

Nick Witham (Canterbury Christ Church)

Summer Term 2015
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4 June PhD. Student Session