History seminars at the IHR

Contemporary British History Seminar

Venue S8.08, Strand Campus, King's College London

Wednesdays  17:00
Convenors: Dr Andrew Blick (KCL); Dr Helen Glew (Westminster); Dr Alana Harris (KCL); Dr Kandiah (KCL); Professor Richard Roberts (KCL); Professor Pat Thane (KCL)

For enquiries relating to this seminar please contact Dr Kandiah: michael.kandiah@kcl.ac.uk

Spring Term 2016
DateSeminar details
13 January The career of George N Barnes, Labour politician

Rebecca Wootton (KCL)

27 January Marital Violence in Post-Independence Ireland

Cara Diver (KCL)

10 February John Christie, John Maynard Keynes and the National Council of Music - 1938-44

Howard Webber (KCL)

24 February Women, work and selfhood in postwar Britain

Eve Worth (Oxford)

9 March "Thatcher, Delors and their respective visions of 'Europe'."

Dr Helene von Bismarck (British Scholar Society)

23 March The Married Woman's Right to Earn in early-mid twentieth century Britain

Dr Helen Glew (Westminster)

Summer Term 2016
DateSeminar details
11 May The politics of poverty: the campaigns of CPAG, 1965-2015

Dr Ruth Davidson (KCL)