History seminars at the IHR

British History in the Long 18th Century

Sponsored by Mark Storey

Convenors: Arthur Burns (KCL), Penelope J. Corfield (RHUL), Amanda Goodrich (OU), Leonie Hannan (UCL), Tim Hitchcock (Hertfordshire), Sarah Lloyd (Hertfordshire),  Sally Holloway (Historic Royal Palaces) (post-doc convenor); Joseph Cozens (University of Essex) and Robert Rock (University of Hertfordshire) (PhD student convenors).

Seminar administrator: Gillian Williamson(gswilliamson@virginmedia.com)

For general enquiries about the seminar please contact Gillian Williamson or Penelope Corfield on p.corfield@btconnect.com . If you wish to give a paper at the seminar please contact Amanda Goodrich on Amanda.Goodrich@open.ac.uk. 

Venue: Wolfson Room I unless otherwise stated.

Time: Wednesday, 5.15pm

Podcasts available on-line: http://historyspot.org.uk/podcasts/british-history-long-18th-century


Autumn Term 2014
DateSeminar details
15 October 'This shall control the Female Pow'r/And fix the British Crown secure': Women, politics and the 1723 oaths to George I

Edward Vallance (University of Roehampton)

29 October Metropolitan London Elections 1700-1832: Proto-Democracy in Action

Panel; Penelope Corfield  (Royal Holloway, University of London) and Edmund Green (Newcastle University); 

Joint Seminar with Metropolitan History Seminar

12 November 'Lightning Talks' 3 minute presentations by early PhD students

26 November Digital Humanities Project, 'Mapping Eighteenth-Century Tourism in the English Lakes'

Ian Gregory and Chris Donaldson (Lancaster University)  

Joint Seminar with Digital History Seminar

10 December Rabbits, Whigs and Hunters: Rethinking Mary Toft's Monstrous Births of 1726

Karen Harvey (University of Sheffield)