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Convenors: Dr Andrea Galdy, Susan Bracken, Adriana Turpin

Venue: Room SH246, 2nd floor, South block, Senate House unless otherwise stated

Time: Monday, 6.00pm

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Summer Term 2016
DateSeminar details
9 May Collecting Islamic art in early modern Italy

Federica Gigante (Warburg Institute and SOAS)

This seminar is geared towards providing an overview of the mechanisms of importing and collecting Islamic artefacts in Italy in the early modern period. It will focus in particular on the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and will touch on both private and courtly collections in order to analyse the motives for and interest in collecting Islamic artefacts across a wide spectrum of society.

This session will question the assumption that Islamic artefacts were collected as mere exotica and that they were included in the cabinets of curiosities only as representatives of a foreign and unknown world. It will in particular, pinpoint the channels of importation into Italy and the mechanisms of selection of certain specific artefacts for import, drawing from a wide range of unpublished sources.

Federica Gigante is a PhD candidate at the Warburg Institute and SOAS where she is finishing her thesis on the collection of Islamic artefacts of Ferdinando Cospi. She holds an MA in Cultural and Intellectual History 1300-1650 from the Warburg Institute, and MA in Cultural Policy and Management from City University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Islamic Art from SOAS. She is a former fellow of the Kunsthistorisches Institute (Max Planck Institute) in Florence and of the Centre for Anatolian Civilizations of Koç University in Istanbul.

6 June Collecting British art in Italy in the 19th century (tbc)

Marie Cambefort (Royal Holloway)

Marie Cambefort, PhD Candidate, Royal Holloway College University of London and tutor, MA in the History and Business of Art and Collecting, IESA

Please note: this session has been cancelled