History seminars at the IHR

European history 1150-1550

Convenors: Professor John Arnold (Birkbeck), Dr Alixe Bovey (Courtauld), Professor David Carpenter (KCL), Dr Joe Canning, Professor David d'Avray (UCL), Dr Serena Ferente (KCL), Dr Bronach Kane (Bath), Dr Sophie Page (UCL), Dr Eyal Poleg (QMUL), Professor Miri Rubin (QM), Dr John Sabapathy (UCL), Dr Alex Sapoznik (KCL), Dr Alice Taylor (KCL), Dr Cornelia Linde (German Historical Institute)

For enquiries relating to this seminar please contact David Carpenter: david.carpenter@kcl.ac.uk

Time:  Thursdays, 17:30

Venue:  Term 1 Wolfson Room NB02, Term 2 Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR, North block, Senate House unless otherwise stated

All are welcome!

Autumn Term 2015
DateSeminar details
15 October Roundtable discussion: Medieval and Early Modern: A Useful Divide?

John Arnold, Alice Taylor, Eyal Poleg, Serena Ferente

29 October How to Get Away with Heresy: Negotiations between Political Communities and Inquisitors in Southern France (13th century)

Jörg Feuchter (Humboldt)

12 November Oriental narratives at the papal court: circulating knowledge about the East in Avignon and beyond

Irene Bueno (Bologna)

Venue: Bedford Room G37, Ground floor, South block, Senate House

26 November Papal overlordship and protectio of the king

Benedict Wiedemann (PhD, UCL)

Dhwani Patel (Postdoc, KCL)
Senators and Symbolic Communication in Late Medieval Rome

10 December Cities of Readers: Religious Literacies in Late Medieval Europe

Sabrina Corbellini (Groningen)

Spring Term 2016
DateSeminar details
14 January [title tbc, but topic will be the Battle of Bouvines]

Dominique Barthelemy (Sorbonne)

Chair: David Carpenter

28 January Annotations and Rhetoric: Reading Imitatio Christi in 15th century England

David Harrap (PhD, QMUL)

Interpreting the Episcopal Corpse in Medieval England
Katherine Harvey (Wellcome Postdoc, BBK)

11 February Insolita sed grata: Making Time Musical, 1321 - c. 1500

Matthew Champion (St Catz, Cambridge)

25 February Access to justice: villagers in the royal courts in the fourteenth century

Chris Briggs (Cambridge)

10 March Eschatology, war, and peace. Of Christ's armies, Antichrist, and the End of Times between ca. 1095 and ca. 1170

Philippe Buc (Vienna)

Venue: Court Room, 1st floor, South block, Senate House