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History of Education

Convenors: Gary McCulloch (Institute of Education, University of London)

Venue: Venue: Room G21A, Senate House, Ground floor unless otherwise stated

Time: Thursdays, 5.30pm




Summer Term 2014
DateSeminar details
1 May Alex Bloom - pioneer of radical democratic state education

Professor Michael Fielding (Institute of Education London)

Alex Bloom was from 1945-55 headteacher of St. George-in-the-East Secondary School, Stepney, in the heart of London’s tough East End. His work established him as one of the great 20th century pioneers of radical democratic approaches to education that exemplify a lived commitment to the values and practices of participatory democracy in every part of the school’s daily practice, governance, and role in wider society. Yet, despite international acclaim on his death in 1955, Bloom is now virtually unknown. This paper presents some of the key issues emerging from my Leverhulme funded research which not only seeks to (a) tell a richer story than any existing account of Bloom’s work, but also seeks to (b) answer questions to do with how Bloom was able to do what he did within the English state system of education.

5 June Compulsory education in Quebec: contradictory facets of an historical debate and paradoxes for the future

Professor Therese Hamel (University of Laval, Canada)   

Venue: Room STB2, Stewart House, Basement