History seminars at the IHR

History of Political Ideas

Convening Committee: Richard Bourke (Queen Mary, University of London),  Gregory Claeys (Royal Holloway, University of London), Janet Coleman (London School of Economics and Political Science), Angus Gowland (University College London), Jeremy Jennings (King’s College London), Michael Levin (Goldsmiths College, University of London), Avi Lifschitz (University College London), Niall O’Flaherty (King’s College London), Quentin Skinner (Queen Mary, University of London), Gareth Stedman Jones (Queen Mary, University of London), Georgios Varouxakis (Queen Mary, University of London)

For enquiries relating to this seminar please contact Niall O'Flaherty: niall.o'flaherty@kcl.ac.uk

Venue: Wolfson Room NB01 Unless otherwise stated

Time: Wednesday, 5.15 pm 

Autumn Term 2015
DateSeminar details
7 October Mirrors for Citizens: John Milton's Of Education

Teresa Bejan (Oxford)

Venue: Room SH349, 3rd floor, South block, Senate House

21 October The Legitimacy of Political Division: Passions and Parties in Bartolus of Saxoferrato

Serena Ferente (KCL)

4 November Democracy Before Liberalism

Josiah Ober (Stanford)

Venue: Room SH349, 3rd floor, South block, Senate House

18 November The Formation of Representation as a Political Virtue (and the reinvention of democracy)

John Wallach (CUNY)

2 December How to Run the World: Conceptions of Imperial Rule between Republicanism and Technocracy

Eva Marlene Hausteiner (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

Spring Term 2016
DateSeminar details
13 January New Perspectives on Edmund Burke: discussion of Richard Bourke's Empire and Revolution: The Political Life of Edmund Burke

Rachel Hammersley (Newcastle), Joanna Innes (Oxford), Robert Travers (Cornell), Donald Winch (Sussex). Chaired by Quentin Skinner (QMUL)

Joint session with the British History in the Long 18th Century seminar
Venue: Room SH349, 3rd floor, South block, Senate House

27 January John Locke and the Problem of Money: Politics, Economics and the Recoinage Crisis in the 1690s

Daniel Carey (NUI Galway)

10 February Thomas More's Utopia and the Politics of Civic Panegyric

Richard Serjeantson (Cambridge)

Venue: Woburn Room G22, Ground floor, South block, Senate House

24 February John of Salisbury: Literal Historia, the 'Presentness,1 of the Past, and the Logical Method of the Historian Reconstructing Timeless Probable Truths

Janet Coleman (LSE)

Summer Term 2016
DateSeminar details
27 April Political Authority in Post-Revolutionary France

Thomas Hopkins (Cambridge)

11 May Barons's Wars, under other names: Magna Carta, Royalism, and the American Founding

Eric Nelson (Harvard)