History seminars at the IHR

Imperial and World History

Convenors: Richard Drayton (KCL), Jen Altehenger (KCL), Toby Green (KCL), Tamson Pietsch (Brunel), Sarah Stockwell (KCL), Gagan Sood (LSE), John Stuart (Kingston), David Todd (KCL), Jon Wilson (KCL)

For enquiries relating to this seminar please contact Drayton Richard: richard.drayton@kcl.ac.uk

Venue: Peter Marshall Room, 204, on the second floor unless otherwise stated

Time: Monday, 5.15pm, unless otherwise indicated

The 'Imperial and World History Seminar' is older than the Institute of Historical Research. Its roots lie in the research seminar organised by A. P. Newton at King's, which by the interwar period was the most important British centre for training graduate students in British Imperial history.1 Under Vincent Harlow, Gerald Graham, P. J. Marshall, and Andrew Porter the 'Imperial History' seminar became an international historical institution. In 2009, reflecting the evolution of its subject, the seminar name was changed to encompass the emerging fields of global and transnational history.


Intercalated with the Imperial & World History seminar is the Colonial/Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop 

Venue: IHR, 2nd floor, The Peter Marshall Room 204

Time: Please note the new starting time: Monday, 5.30pm, unless otherwise indicated

Convenors: Lara Atkin (Queen Mary), Hannah Young (UCL) and Rebecca Swartz (Royal Holloway)

Please send any enquiries to: cpnewresearchers@gmail.com

Some podcasts from this seminar are available online

Spring Term 2015
DateSeminar details
12 January 1787: Birth of the American Empire

Max Edling (KCL)

19 January 'Spare the rod and spoil the child': Whipping in British India 1850 - 1905

Amy Kavanagh (KCL)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop
Time:  17:30

26 January Globalisation, the Cold War, and the Decolonisation of the Insular Empire of the United States

A. G. Hopkins (Cambridge and Austin)

2 February Creating post-indenture identities in the era of indenture. Hindustani immigrants setting up 'home' in the Suriname districts between 1878 and 1921

Magriet Fokken (University of Groningen)

Migration and Social Changes in Post-Emancipation Bermuda
Dr Kristy Warren (UCL)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop
Time: 17:30

16 February 'Modern Girls' Model Films': Genre, Gender and Muslim Aspiration in colonial India (1940-47)

Salma Siddique (Westminster)

The Maulana Rises: Pir, Peasants and the Demand for Pakistan in colonial Assam c. 1930s-1947
Layli Uddin (RHUL)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop
Time:  17:30

23 February Portuguese India and British India: Comparing Colonialisms in the Nineteenth Century

Felipa Vicente (Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa)

2 March Legal Processes of Pirate Executions in the British New World: Changes in British Law, 1670 - 1730

Rebecca Simon (KCL)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop
Time: 17:30

9 March The British Empire and the Hajj in the First World War

Jon Slight (Cambridge)

16 March Peter Fryer's Staying Power and the politics of writing black British history in the 1980s

Dr Rob Waters (Birkbeck)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop
Time: 17:30

23 March Global Labour History: Provisional Results and Further Prospects

Marcel van der Linden (International Institute of Social History and Amsterdam)


In the Summer Term:
A Roundtable on the Future of African History lead by Toby Green (KCL), Will Pettigrew (Kent) on the
Global Determinants of the English Revolution in the 17th Century, and Shirley Ye (Birmingham) on
Shanghai at the twilight of the Qing empire.