History seminars at the IHR

Imperial and World History

Convenors: Richard Drayton (KCL), Jen Altehenger (KCL), Toby Green (KCL), Tamson Pietsch (Brunel), Sarah Stockwell (KCL), Gagan Sood (LSE), John Stuart (Kingston), David Todd (KCL), Jon Wilson (KCL)

For enquiries relating to this seminar please contact Drayton Richard: richard.drayton@kcl.ac.uk

Venue: wolfson room 1 IHR North Block Senate House unless otherwise stated

Time: Monday, 5.15pm, unless otherwise indicated

The 'Imperial and World History Seminar' is older than the Institute of Historical Research. Its roots lie in the research seminar organised by A. P. Newton at King's, which by the interwar period was the most important British centre for training graduate students in British Imperial history.1 Under Vincent Harlow, Gerald Graham, P. J. Marshall, and Andrew Porter the 'Imperial History' seminar became an international historical institution. In 2009, reflecting the evolution of its subject, the seminar name was changed to encompass the emerging fields of global and transnational history.


Intercalated with the Imperial & World History seminar is the Colonial/Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop 

Venue: Pollard Room N301, 3rd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House

Time: Please note the new starting time: Monday, 5.30pm, unless otherwise indicated

Convenors: Lara Atkin (Queen Mary), Hannah Young (UCL) and Jacob Smith (Queen Mary)

Please send any enquiries to: cpnewresearchers@gmail.com

Some podcasts from this seminar are available online

Spring Term 2016
DateSeminar details
11 January A history of contest: British diplomats, sport and Afghanistan's independence celebrations, c. 1919-1947

Max Drephal (Loughborough University)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop

18 January Planning for Science in India in the 1970s

Jahnavi Phalkey (King’s College London)

25 January Imagining condominium Khartoum: The building and representation of All Saints' Cathedral 1904-1912

Sam Grinsell (University of Leicester)

In a leash? – The Colonial Office and the British South African Company’s views on colonial administration of Matabeleland during the rising of 1896
Mads Bomholt (King’s College London)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop

1 February The 1970s. Beginning or End? Common wealth Business, Britain and the Common Market

Andrew Dilley (Aberdeen)

8 February Nationalizing Empires, Nationalizing Muslims: Islam and the Imperial Nation-State in Nineteenth-Century Europe

Gavin Murray-Miller (Cardiff University)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop

15 February The long 1970s: the endgame of decolonisation and the reconstitution of Imperialism

Richard Drayton (King's College London)

22 February The colonial lens in New Zealand: refocusing and reframing colonial-era photographs (1860s-1914) of Maori (the indigenous Polynesian people of NZ) and their taonga/cultural treasures in British museums

Natasha Barrett (University of Leicester)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop

29 February Last Hopes: the Portuguese Revolution and the crisis of the left in the 1970s

Pedro Ramos Pinto (Cambridge)

7 March Annihilating Exploitation? Caste, Labour and the Limits of Conversion in Colonial Panjab

Navyug Gill, Hobart and William Smith Colleges (New York)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop

14 March Human Rights Activism and the Origins of the Iranian Revolution

Roham Alvand (LSE)

Summer Term 2016
DateSeminar details
25 April Princely education and colonial improvement in nineteenth century India

Teresa Segura-Garcia (University of Cambridge)

‘A Spirit of Such Profuse Extravagance’: Gift-giving, Display, and the Disputed Expenses of British East India Company Representatives at Indian Courts, 1797-1818
Callie Wilkinson (University of Cambridge)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop

9 May Decolonization and the End of Europe's Religious Wars

Dr. Udi Greenberg (Dartmouth College)

Joseph Snyder (West Virginia University)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop

23 May Aviation and Cinema in Mandate Syria and Lebanon

Idir Ouahes (Exeter University)

Colonial / Postcolonial New Researchers' Workshop