History seminars at the IHR

Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy

Convenors: Trevor Dean (Roehampton), Kate Lowe(Queen Mary), Serena Ferente (KCL)

For enquiries relating to this seminar please contact Trevor Dean: T.Dean@roehampton.ac.uk

Venue:  Wolfson Room I, IHR, Basement

Time:  Thursdays, 5.15pm

Spring Term 2016
DateSeminar details
21 January Dante as a Florentine citizen: new perspectives from old documents

Giuliano Milani (La Sapienza, Rome)

4 February European Court and State Manufactures in the Early Modern Period: The Italian Model

Luca Molà (EUI)

18 February Some further light on Benjamin Kohl's account of the fall of the Carrara

John Law (Swansea)

3 March Sex in Paradise: Late Medieval and Early Modern Views

Alessandro Scafi (Warburg)

17 March Pietro Ursuleo's Oliverii cardinalis Neapolitani itinerarium classis apostolice in Turcos and fifteenth-century papal naval expeditions against the Turks

Tim Demetris (UCL)

Venue: Torrington Room 104, 1st floor South block, Senate House