History seminars at the IHR

Medieval and Tudor London

This seminar is generously sponsored by Dr Elspeth Veale

Convenors: Professor Caroline M.Barron (RHUL), Professor Vanessa Harding (Birkbeck), Dr Julia Merritt (University of Nottingham).

For enquiries relating to this seminar please contact Vanessa Harding: V.Harding@bbk.ac.uk

This seminar meets only in the summer term

Time: Thursday, 5.15pm (except 23 April: 17:30)

Venue: Wolfson Room NB01, unless otherwise stated

Summer Term 2015
DateSeminar details
23 April The Fraternity of the Holy Name of Jesus in St Paul's Cathedral: Faith, economy and social networking on the eve of the Reformation

Elizabeth New (Aberystwyth)

Please note: this session will take place in Room SH243. left corridor, 2nd floor, South block, Senate House.

This session starts at the later time of 17:30

30 April Flemish immigrants in fourteenth-century London: enemies of the Count, allies of the Crown

Milan Pajic (Ghent/Strasbourg)

This seminar will be followed by a reception organised by the conference ‘Medieval London and the World’. Members of the seminar are invited to the conference reception and vice versa. For more details of the conference please go to http://londonmedievalsociety.com/medieval-london/

7 May London, Londoners, and the Leges Anglorum in early thirteenth-century England

Katherine Har (Oxford)

Ian Stone (IHR)
Is it time to rename ‘London's Book of Old Laws’?

14 May Medieval London widows: Joan Haynes-Westwood-Dunton-Kent, c. 1415-92: from country hamlet to Edward IV's court

Anne Sutton

21 May Material Metropolis: clothing in early modern London, c.1560-1660

Sophie Pitman (Cambridge)

Ecclesiastical Vestments - a Medieval Industry?
Kay Staniland

Venue: Court Room, 1st floor, South block, Senate House

28 May Peculiar houses: building the early Elizabethan London playhouses

Andy Kesson (Roehampton)

4 June John Cok, citizen and skinner, and the production of Arthurian romance in fifteenth-century London

Raluca Radulescu (Bangor)

Charlotte Berry (IHR)
The peripheries of the city and social marginality in fifteenth-century London

11 June Illuminating the City: John Batayle, Elizabeth de Burgh's attorney, and The Smithfield Decretals

Alixe Bovey (Courtauld)

18 June Who do we think they are? a merchant's monument at St Helen Bishopsgate

Christian Steer

25 June Templar dungeons and Shakespeare's graffiti: an antiquary's notes on Hackney and Southwark, c. 1643

Martha Carlin (University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee)

This will be followed by the annual party for members of the seminar. Details TBC.