History seminars at the IHR

Military History

Convenors: David French, Brian Holden-Reid, Andrew Lambert, William Philpott

Venue: Room 349, Senate House, South block, 3rd floor, unless otherwise stated

Time: Tuesday, 5.15pm.  Please note the new starting time.

Some podcasts from this Seminar are available online

Summer Term 2014
DateSeminar details
6 May 'What Seek these Men?' Combat Motivation for the North Russia Relief Force Volunteers in 1919

Catherine Boylan (KCL)

20 May Demonizing the Fleet? Perceptions of the Italian Navy since 1939

Dr Richard Hammond (Portsmouth)

3 June A Respectable Repast: Logistics Challenges to the Subsistence Doctrine in the American War of Independence

Jill Russell (KCL)

17 June Franco-British Intelligence Activity in the Near East at the Outset of the First World War: A Wary Partnership

Idir Ouahes (Exeter University)