History seminars at the IHR

Modern French History

Convenor: Alison Carrol (Brunel) enquiries to: alison.carrol@brunel.ac.uk

Organising Committee:  Alison Carrol (Brunel), Juilan Jackson (QMUL), Colin Jones (QMUL), Iain Stewart (QMUL)  

Venue: Wolfson Room B02, IHR Basement

Time: Monday, 5.30pm

Some podcasts from this Seminar are available online

Autumn Term 2014
DateSeminar details
6 October Drinking and rebelling: the problems of tax revolt, intoxication and social control in Revolutionary Paris, 1789-91

Noelle Plack (Newman University)

Venue: Gordon Room G34, Senate House, South block, Ground floor

3 November (Comment from Rod Kedward (University of Sussex) and Laura Lee Downs, EUI)

Book Launch for Petain's Jewish Children by Daniel Lee (University of Oxford)

17 November The Long Tail of the Werewolf: Real Modern Monsters?

Will Pooley (IHR Past and Present Fellow)

1 December A Capitalism that Kills. The phenomenon of Workplace Suicides in 21st Century France

Sarah Waters (University of Leeds)

15 December "Cet hebergement d'un genre particulier": Arenc and the origins of immigrant detention centres in contemporary France (1963-2006)

Ed Naylor (University of Oxford)

Spring Term 2015
DateSeminar details
12 January French Theatre of the Napoleonic Era

Katherine Astbury (University of Warwick)

26 January Informal internationalism: networks and mediators in the French anarchist movement, 1880-1914

Constance Bantman (University of Surrey)

23 February Death and violence in Paris during the Algerian War

Sarah Howard (Birkbeck)

Summer Term 2015
DateSeminar details
11 May The French Occupation of Germany after 1945

Karen Adler (University of Nottingham)

8 - 22 June From Gaullism to Anti-Gaullism: the Institut Francais du Royaume Uni during the war

Charlotte Faucher (QMUL)