History seminars at the IHR

History Lab Seminar

Convenor: Simon Parsons (Royal Holloway), Claire Trenery (Royal Holloway), Alys Beverton (UCL) 

For enquiries please contact: postgraduateearlycareerseminar@gmail.com 

Venue: N304, 3rd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House

Time: Thursdays, 17:30 

Website: These seminars are run by The History Lab, a network of postgraduate historians. Find more news, events and useful links in The History Lab pages (opens a new window).

Autumn Term 2015
DateSeminar details
8 October Imperial Optics: Vision, Environment and the Re-Making of Space in Late Tsarist Central Asia, 1881-1914

Jennifer Keating (Institute of Historical Research Junior Fellow)

22 October Black Spirits and White, Mingle, Mingle, Mingle: Inculcating Modes of Resistance to Antebellum Race Science through an Educative Rhetoric - James McCune Smith's Heads Sketches, 1852-54

Hugo Unwin (King’s College London)

5 November Joint Panel: Legislating Lawlessness at Home and Abroad

God made them Evil and Bad: Cornish Lawlessness in the Fourteenth Century

Samuel Drake (Royal Holloway)

Sovereignty and Banditry in the Early-Modern and Eighteenth-Century British Empire: The Cases of Toryism and Thuggee
Alix Chartrand (Cambridge University)

19 November The Disruption of 'Normality': Life Inside Wartime Mental Hospitals, 1939 -1945

Hazel Croft (Birkbeck College)

3 December A Pre-History of Online Dating: Mediated Matchmaking in Britain, 1970 - 2005

Zoe Strimpel, Sussex University

17 December Elevator Pitches

And, End of Term Social

Learning how to succinctly describe your thesis is a key skill for any PhDer. Whether at a conference, a networking event, or with somebody you just meet at the pub, explaining your topic without inducing a coma can seem nigh on impossible. So come practice the art of elevator pitches and present your thesis in 3 minutes or less. Time is limited so if you would like to take part please email postgraduateearlycareerseminar@gmail.com with your name, institution, year of study, and a short abstract outlining your research. The evening will end with drinks to celebrate the end of term and toast all of the work we still have to do over Christmas.

Spring Term 2016
DateSeminar details
14 January TBA

Marjolein van Bavel (Unversity College London)

28 January Subverting the Human: An Animal Model of Mind

Liz Gray and Jenny Adlem (Queen Mary University)

11 February Reading Persian in Britain and India, 1790-1810

Zahra Shah

25 February The Church of England, Anglican Protestantism, and Colonial Society in Later Stuart Barbados

Philip Abraham (King’s College London)

10 March India's Emergency 1975-1977: Narratives of Female Political Prisoners

Gemma Scott (Keele University)

Summer Term 2016
DateSeminar details
28 April Music and Party Politics in Independent Ireland, 1923-1968

Richard Parfitt (Linacre College, Oxford)

12 May Joint Panel: Reading Between the Lines: Researching Secret and Unofficial Networks

The NKVD and the Peculiar Case of the Soviet Archives
Polly Corrigan (King’s College London)

Catherine Beck (University College London)

26 May Joint Panel: International Economics and Global Banking

Causes of Bank Distress during the Austro-Hungarian Grunderkrach
Kilian Rieder (University College, Oxford University)

A Crisis Foreshadowed; History Replaying. The Bank of England, the National Bank of Greece and the External Loan of 1924
Maria Rizou, (King’s College London)

9 June Westminster-on-Sea: The Political and Cultural Significance of Osborne House, Isle of Wight, 1845-1901

Lee Butcher

23 June TBA