History seminars at the IHR

History Lab Seminar

Convenor: Simon Parsons (Royal Holloway), Claire Trenery (Royal Holloway)  

For enquiries please contact: postgraduateearlycareerseminar@gmail.com 

Venue: Holden Room, 103, unless otherwise indicated in the programme, below.

Time: Thursdays, 17:30 

Website: These seminars are run by The History Lab, a network of postgraduate historians. Find more news, events and useful links in The History Lab pages (opens a new window).

Autumn Term 2014
DateSeminar details
9 October At the heart of empires: Indian princes in Britain and continental Europe in the late colonial period

Teresa Segura Garcia

23 October The Middle Ages and Renaissance in Fascist School Textbooks

Jun Young Moon

6 November The picture of health; - Nineteenth century representations of vitality, purity and gender in food advertising and popular art

Joanna Crosby and Lesley Steinitz

Please note:  this session takes place in the Athlone Room, 102, South Block

20 November Suffragette Outrages: Domestic Terrorism in the Edwardian Era

Fern Riddell (King's)

4 December Not just a pretty face? Latin inscriptions in Grand Tour collections of antiquity in 18th century England

Caroline Barron

An Age of 'Agricolamaniacs': The Uses and Abuses of Tacitus in Eighteenth-Century Scotland
Alan Montgomery

18 December 'Some Things may seeme Fabulous, and in maner Incredible': Myths, Magic and the Supernatural in European Travellers' Accounts of Lapp Ritual, c.1550 - c. 1700

Hector Roddan