History seminars at the IHR

Religious History of Britain 1500-1800

Convenors: David Crankshaw (KCL), Liz Evenden (Harvard University), Kenneth Fincham (University of Kent), Andrew Foster (University of Kent), Tom Freeman (University of Essex), Susan Hardman Moore (University of Edinburgh), Arnold Hunt (British Library), Nicholas Tyacke (UCL)

Venue: Wolfson Room II, IHR basement, unless otherwise noted in the programme, below.

Time: Tuesday, 5.15pm

Spring Term 2016
DateSeminar details
26 January He was both times as blank, & mute as a fish: the performative polemics of Richard Baxter and John Tombes

Alison Searle (Sydney)

9 February Meretricious musick and tossing of tennis balles: why did the Puritans find it so hard to argue their case at Hampton Court in 1604?

Mark Byford (London)

Joint Meeting with the Friends of Lambeth Palace Library in the Great Hall at Lambeth Palace, London, SE1 7JU, starting at 17:30, to mark the posthumous publication of Brett Usher's Lord Burghley and Episcopacy 1577-1603

Those wishing to attend should send their names in advance to Lambeth Palace Library at archives@churchofengland.org or 020 7898 1400, not later than Friday 5 February.  Admittance not before 5 p.m. via the main gatehouse of Lambeth Palace

23 February Laud and Scotland

Leonie James (Kent)

8 March Rethinking religious violence in Ireland, 1641-1660

Joan Redmond (Cambridge)


22 March A Catholic "Mock-Poem" and its Protestant readers: the reception of an early eighteenth-century English Catholic book

Kendra Packham (Oxford)