History seminars at the IHR

Religious History of Britain 1500-1800

Convenors: David Crankshaw (KCL), Liz Evenden (Harvard University), Kenneth Fincham (University of Kent), Andrew Foster (University of Kent), Tom Freeman (University of Essex), Susan Hardman Moore (University of Edinburgh), Arnold Hunt (British Library), Nicholas Tyacke (UCL)

Venue: Wolfson Room II, IHR basement, unless otherwise noted in the programme, below.

Time: Tuesday, 5.15pm

Autumn Term 2014
DateSeminar details
14 October England's Reformation by the Book, 1536-1642

John Craig (Simon Fraser)

28 October The surprising contribution of Katherine Parr and Queen Elizabeth I to the 'Book of Common Prayer'

Micheline White (Carleton)

11 November The radicals of the 1650s: body politics and the Bible

Jon Vallerius (Essex)

25 November Brokering Reformation: John Gough and the evangelical book trade, c. 1520-1543

Jonathan Reimer (Cambridge)

Please note:  this session takes place in Room 349, on the third floor of the South Block of Senate House

9 December 'This oath of religion': the Protestation and the swearing of a nation of Protestants, 1641-1642

John Walter (Essex)

Spring Term 2015
DateSeminar details
20 January Defining unity in the Jacobean Church: claims to Catholicity in the Oath of Allegiance controversy, 1606-1609

Angela Ranson (York)

3 February Puritanism and the Ten Commandments in post-Reformation England

Jonathan Willis (Birmingham)

17 February The intellectual circle of Thomas Plume, 1630-1740

Helen Kemp (Essex)

3 March John Prestall and Catholic opposition to Elizabeth I

Glyn Parry (Roehampton)

3 March title tbc

John D. Gilles (Essex)

Summer Term 2015
DateSeminar details
5 May The family that prays together, stays together: male martyrs and their families in Marian England

Lisa Gardner (Essex)

19 May The Covenantal Imaginary in sixteenth-century Protestant thought

Susan Felch, (Calvin College)

2 June 'Naked Gospel' or clothed Christianity: polemic of Primativism in late seventeenth-century England

Paul Lim (Vanderbilt)

16 June 'Fractures well cur'd': repentance and medical discourse in Herbert's Temple and in seventeenth-century preaching

Clarissa Chenovick (Fordham)

30 June Stranger than fiction in the archives: the trial and execution of William Cowbridge in 1538

Susan Royal (York)