History seminars at the IHR

Society, Culture & Belief, 1500-1800

Sponsored by Mark Storey

Convenors: Laura Gowing (King's College London; laura.gowing@kcl.ac.uk), Kate Hodgkin (University of East London; K.Hodgkin@uel.ac.uk), Michael Hunter (Birkbeck College, London; m.hunter@bbk.ac.uk) and Brodie Waddell (Birkbeck b.waddell@bbk.ac.uk), Rosalind Carr (University of East London; r.j.carr@uel.ac.uk

Venue:  Past & Present Room (N202)

Time: Thursday, 5.30pm

Spring Term 2016
DateSeminar details
21 January The Water-drinker and 'the ingenuity of his knavery': engaging with illusion in seventeenth-century London

Tom Colville (King’s College London)

18 February The affective economy of social relations in early modern England

Hillary Taylor (Yale University)

17 March Learning languages in early modern England

John Gallagher (Emmanuel College, Cambridge)